Loreal skin perfection 15 second cleansing oil

Hey lovelies 
Just a little first impressions blog on the loreal skin perfection 15 second cleansing oil. 
I have only just bought this a few hours ago after seeing it on offer in my local boots store.
I've just used it to take off today's make up and I've got to say it really has taken my makeup off in lightening time. I had to gently scrub a little on my eyes but I was wearing quite a lot of eye make up. 
The best thing about this oil is that it's for every skin type .. Which is great news for me because I'm oily skinned and the thought of putting more oil on was putting me off.
But to my suprise it's like a dry oil which really deep cleaned my skin. 
And the scent is really nice aswell :) 
I'm gonna keep going with this oil and report back to you all on how I'm getting on with it but so far so good :) 
Plus you only need a small ammout for your whole face so I'm guessing a little goes a long way .
Upto now I'm impressed but like I said ile let you all know how I've got on .

Has anybody else tried this product ? 

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Thanks for reading :)
Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. I haven't actually tried this yet but it looks very interesting! I've been quite interested in oil cleansing recently as it seems to be a method that works really well for a lot of people. I think it's great that it is suitable for every skin type!

    I'm currently running an *International* *TARTE* *Palette* *GIVEAWAY*

    1. yeah i was using the dtc Deep cleansing oil, and thats what has converted me to cleansing with an oil,at the moment i dont think the loreal one is as good as the DTC but its still good, especially as i have oily skin loads of people are worried it just adds more oil, but it doesnt.

      happy reading
      and thanks for taking the time to comment and view my blog it means so much to me