JuicyTox 4 day Juice Cleanse

Beauty starts within right? What better way to fuel your inner beauty than with a juice cleanse.
When I got the chance to review a JuicyTox Premium cleanse I jumped at it. I've done juice cleanses before, and i really like the results that it brings. Im already on slimming world too, so for me it wasn't something i was using for weight loss, it was purely a cleanse to get my body to feel as good as it could, i have over indulged recently and maybe had one too many nights out, and lets face it i could really do with removing any toxins from my body.
In the premium cleanse you get 6 juices a day so your drinking one every 2 hours, which you think might be a lot, but trust me your counting down to each one of your juices.
You also get 4 ginger shots, 4 lemons and a selection of pukka cleanse, detox and night time teas.
The cleanse lasts 4 days and you get two delivery's to ensure that your juices are always fresh. I done the cleanse from Wednesday until Saturday.  
They have a variety of cleanses too, some with 4 juices so you can really tailor the cleanse to you and what your body needs.

So whats in each of the juices?
Drop Veg Gorgeous x2 (Green) - Cucumber, celery, pear, pineapple, lime, spinach and kale.
Bright Eyes (orange) - Carrot, apple, orange, lemon and ginger.
Spicy Lemonade (Black)- water, lemon, lime , cayenne pepper , agave nectar and activated charcoal (one of my faves, tastes like good old fashioned cloudy lemonade )
Sweet Beats (red) - Beetroot , pineapple, lemon, carrot and lemon
Cashew Mylk (Cream) - Water, dates, cashews, vanilla, cinnamon , agave nectar and sea salt (another fave that i looked forward to every evening)

The plan is above, honestly that ginger shot wakes you up, no need for your morning coffee at all ( Caffeine is a no no for this cleanse )
Surprisingly each of these juices are extremely delicious, even the green ones. My favourite juice had to be the spicy lemonade with the activated charcoal and the last one of the day which was cashew mylk which was the thickest of the lot and really filled me up. Im not crazy on nutty flavours but that was delicious.
I did have my lemon water throughout the day especially to stop any hunger pains that i did have, and had way over my 2 litres a day, i can honestly say some of the days i physically couldn't fit all the teas in, I didn't enjoy the detox one, that's because i hate the flavour of aniseed but the night time and cleanse teas are yummy.
Okay , honestly i was hungry, and day 3 i could have died for some food, but that's to be expected, I cut out all food and was living on juices for 4 days. I never woke up with any headaches and i think that's to do with all the water i was having, plus i had the most amazing sleep on this cleanse, 12 hours every single day. I think that contributed to the no headache situation.
The first day i found i was extremely tired, i think that was due to the mammoth workout i done the day before, all day i couldn't keep my eyes open, i couldn't wait to get to bed and i was by 7:00pm that evening fast asleep. Only on the first day that i was pretty grouchy and i think that's to do with tiredness and hunger.
I made sure that when i was on my lunch break i was on my own so i didn't have to watch everyone eating, and of an evening id ask my boyfriend and family to have eaten before i got in so i didn't have to look at them eat too hahaha
By the end of the cleanse i felt amazing, i had so much energy and i felt like my concentration was improving. My skin was so so spotty, i really wish i would have took a before and after picture for you guys but in 4 days all my spots had disappeared and my skin looked so healthy and lit from within. I felt more alive if that makes sense, not sluggish at all, and really wide awake and ready to tackle the world. Plus overall i lost 6lb in the 4 days, although i said i wasn't in it too loose weight i was apprehensive and excited to see the results. On the last day I showed my boyfriend my stomach and he couldn't believe the change in it. I have included a before and after picture below.. if your not okay at looking at my stomach then please don't scroll down >.< (it isn't the best)

So there you have it, i honestly would recommend this cleanse to anybody, especially if you want to beat the bloat, a pick me up or some TLC to your body. Its perfect for that after Christmas bloat, before holiday or any sort of event you have going on.
All the juices are super yummy and its really reasonably priced too £84.99 for 6 juices a day for 4 days, 3 teas a day and 4 lemons, plus Rob the owner of juicytox is in contact with you every day seeing how your getting on and is on hand for any questions you may have.
You can contact juicytox here
Thanks for reading
Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. Wow! So happy it worked for you!! Losing 6lbs in 4 days is amazing! X

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  2. Sounds like it worked very well for you hun. I've always wondered about juice cleanses, does your body just gets back all the weight lost once you start eating normally? I have a friend who'd love to try it but I can't advice her on it as I'm not into them.

    Style of Colours

  3. I've always been curious about juice cleanses, such quirky flavours! I'm really excited to catch up on your Weight Loss Wednesdays series, I'm looking to get back to my former weight again! Following you on GFC :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)