Beauty starts within right? What better way to fuel your inner beauty than with a juice cleanse.
When I got the chance to review a JuicyTox Premium cleanse I jumped at it. I've done juice cleanses before, and i really like the results that it brings. Im already on slimming world too, so for me it wasn't something i was using for weight loss, it was purely a cleanse to get my body to feel as good as it could, i have over indulged recently and maybe had one too many nights out, and lets face it i could really do with removing any toxins from my body.
In the premium cleanse you get 6 juices a day so your drinking one every 2 hours, which you think might be a lot, but trust me your counting down to each one of your juices.
You also get 4 ginger shots, 4 lemons and a selection of pukka cleanse, detox and night time teas.
The cleanse lasts 4 days and you get two delivery's to ensure that your juices are always fresh. I done the cleanse from Wednesday until Saturday.  
They have a variety of cleanses too, some with 4 juices so you can really tailor the cleanse to you and what your body needs.
Hello my loves,

We all know that Nars is a brand that's really up there for me, i can honestly hand on heart say that Ive not tried a product that i haven't loved. Everything that i have tried has given me exactly what i have wanted from it, and this little beauty is no exception to the rule.

When i first heard that Nars had brought out a matte skin tint, ive got to be honest i wasn't all that bothered. I'm more of a full coverage kinda gal, but there was something about this that when i was swatching in beauty bazaar i knew i just had to have it, 

I have oily/combination skin that's no secret and as the months have warmed up my skin has become even more oily which im in a constant battle with. 
I am drawn to matte finishes but the beauty blogger in me cant help myself in trying other types either. You would think that with me being oily that i wouldn't pick up a dewy foundation, but i do and i actually really like them too.

Anyway less of the rambling, hotter weather means Alex has oilier skin, therefor i need a base that will combat the oil but also conceal my redness and any blemishes too,

Hello there my loves,
YES this is another review of my Charlotte Tilbury Stash, but im changing it up abit in this post and talking about her makeup products instead of her skincare.
If you want to read my other posts then please scroll to the bottom and i will have them all linked up for you :).
This gorgeous blusher came in the signature look that Charlotte HERSELF picked out for me (yes i still cant get over/believe it.. ) . Its from the Bombshell look

 ,The Bombshell Gift Box contains;
• COLOUR CHAMELEON - Amber Haze (Eyeshadow Pencil)
• THE FELINE FLICK - Panther (Eye Liner)
• FULL FAT LASHES – Glossy Black (Mascara)
• CHEEK TO CHIC – Sex On Fire (Blusher)
• LIP CHEAT – Kiss ‘N’ Tell (Lip Liner)
• K.I.S.S.I.N.G – So Marilyn (Lipstick)
• LIP LUSTRE – Red Vixen (Lip Gloss)
• COMPLIMENTARY MAKEUP BAG & GIFT BOX for only £145 which i think is amazing value for money but there you go, and to me any of her signature look boxes are the perfect gift for any makeup junkie like myself.
Now onto the blusher, Its a mixture of two shades, a really nice mauve in the centre (the pop) and then a pastel pink around the edge. The aim of the game here is to SWISH your brush around the outer edge and then pop it in the centre colour. That way giving you a lovely flushed cheek but with some structure into it. Personally depending on my mood i swirl my brush in both colours , tap off the excess and apply to the apples of my cheeks.
This shade is so versatile as it can be worn summer and winter and also day and night, its a proper English Rose colour.
The longevity is amazing too, plus you all know i could die for the CT packaging. The blusher itself has light flex technology which captures the light , then readmits it for that luminous look. As you can see from my swatches this light flex technology is hardly visible on the skin, but once you have applied you see it for yourself.
Top - Outside ,Middle - Pop colour , Bottom - Both shades mixed together

Charlotte also does this blusher individually so you don't have to fork out £145 just to get your hands on it. Which makes it a more affordable £30.

I would love to try more of her blushers, but picking another one would be so hard.
Let me know what you have from her makeup line and would recommend

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Multi Miracle Glow Balm
Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Thanks for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth xoxo

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Hello my loves,
something different here on my blog , but something i thought you would enjoy reading.
Recently i was given the opportunity to review Forza Supplements Diet Shake it slim meal replacement shakes. I jumped at the chance, especially with summer coming, all the reviews i had read and celebrity endorsements such as Stephanie Davis, who i really quite like especially as she's a fellow scouser all 2 days of it. Plus I've got some things coming up that i could really do with loosing a few pounds for.  
Im in such a rut with my diet, as you know i workout regularly and follow slimming world, but after years on slimming world yo-yoing, i feel like I've just came to a standstill, plus my motivation has really decreased.
Once i received this opportunity i just knew this was the kick start that my diet really needed. A shake about.. quite literally.
So after a couple of days this starter pack arrived though my front door, sounds silly but i couldn't wait to start it, plus i seen it as a challenge, i wanted to test myself to see if i could really stick to just 2 shakes and a healthy meal a day..
Hey, whatsup , hello..
So after the poll that I ran on twitter, you guys decided you wanted to see reviews of my Charlotte Tilbury Stash.
It might only be the second post, but I'm loving talking about her products. Don't get me wrong there are a few things from her collection that I'm really not keen on, but for the most part they are awesome.
This isn't an exception to that rule. The Charlotte Tilbury Multi Miracle Glow cream is just a skin saviour literally.
Hello my loves,
Just a quick one today, but something i love to read so i thought that i would share it with you.
I was out shopping and took a little trip into Superdrug, this can usually be quite deadly. For once i was able to refrain myself from going overboard. I actually went in for the nail varnish after seeing a few of you rave about it and its shade. I thought it was the perfect spring/summer colour. So i walked in, picked it up but then the 3 for 2 offer over all cosmetics in store caught my eye.
Truth be told ive had my eye on a few drugstore goodies for a while, so i decided to take this offer up and get a few bits along with the nail varnish.
Heres what i picked up, im yet to use them yet but if you would like to see any reviews then please comment below :)
Hey My lovelies,
You may or may not have seen that a few weeks ago I was invited to meet the makeup queen herself Charlotte Tilbury. Read about it here

On that amazing day I was gifted so many items from her line which you will see in the blog post linked above,  that in all honesty i nearly passed out. Before the event I loved CT products but didn't have any skincare whatsoever from her line.
Since then I am such a HUGE fan of her skincare. Not because I was gifted it, but because it is actually really really good.

So a few weeks on after using all the products i asked on twitter if anybody would like to see reviews in the next coming weeks.
At the time of writing this everyone had selected the "Hell Yeah " option on my poll so here i am with the first instalment of my CT Collection.

Im starting with the goddess skin clay mask, for me now this is a must for any days where my skin just needs some TLC or before a night out as it creates the perfect base for any makeup look.
First thing is first, the packaging.. oh there's one thing we can say about CT is that the packaging of her products is on point. Honestly that rose gold/copper detailing on all her products just lures me in.
This is no different with its sleek tube and rose gold detailing and lid. It just screams luxury and sits amazing on any vanity like all of her other products.