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Hello my loves,
something different here on my blog , but something i thought you would enjoy reading.
Recently i was given the opportunity to review Forza Supplements Diet Shake it slim meal replacement shakes. I jumped at the chance, especially with summer coming, all the reviews i had read and celebrity endorsements such as Stephanie Davis, who i really quite like especially as she's a fellow scouser all 2 days of it. Plus I've got some things coming up that i could really do with loosing a few pounds for.  
Im in such a rut with my diet, as you know i workout regularly and follow slimming world, but after years on slimming world yo-yoing, i feel like I've just came to a standstill, plus my motivation has really decreased.
Once i received this opportunity i just knew this was the kick start that my diet really needed. A shake about.. quite literally.
So after a couple of days this starter pack arrived though my front door, sounds silly but i couldn't wait to start it, plus i seen it as a challenge, i wanted to test myself to see if i could really stick to just 2 shakes and a healthy meal a day..

In the starter pack you receive enough sachets for 7 days worth. I Received 5 chocolate, 5 strawberry and 4 vanilla.
Each shake is high in protein and packed with 22 different vitamins and minerals.
So for weight management you replace one meal a day and then a healthy lunch and dinner. Alternatively for weight loss substitute two meals a day and have one meal.
The best thing about this was that unlike other meal replacement shakes, you just mix it with water. For that reason it just makes it so convenient especially for on the go.oh and the awesome shaker, it blends everything together so quick and easy without the clumps .. whooooo
In the morning i would start with a lemon water to get my body going, and then onto the coffee which a sipped while getting ready. I would then take two sachets to work with me for breakfast and lunch , although you can choose at what point you want to have the shake, but i really look forward to a nice dinner when i get home.
Once at work, i would use the ice cold water fountain and fill up my shaker with 300ml of water , add the powder and shake away. It doesn't take long at all to shake it all together, it comes it out with no clumpy powdery bits either which i am sooo thankful for. I hate when that happens.
Anyway... with having this when i got to work, it would then see me until dinner time at 12.. now at first I found myself from 12 until home time feeling extremely hungry, so i would grab a piece of fruit and a hell load of water (water is the key for this diet) to get me through until i could get home and eat. Luckily all my meals are prepped for the week ahead so its pretty convenient for when i get home.
After the first few days, my body seamed to get used to it and i didn't feel as hungry
For my dinner, i would just have a slimming world meal ( you can find an abundance on the internet) so i knew it was all freshly cooked, but unfortunately calories aren't counted on slimming world so I didn't count them either.
If you do however count the kcals then its 204 in each shake and you can easily log this with my fitness pal and keep yourself in check.
As for the shakes themselves... they are delicious. I was so apprehensive to taste these and was quite worried that it would taste vile and id hate it but i shouldn't have worried.
One thing to note is that these shakes are very very very sweet, the vanilla shake tasted like icing from a cupcake. Now that's not an issue for me as i have quite a sweet tooth, but i know its not for everyone.
Chocolate was my favourite flavour, like all of them it was creamy, milky and tasted heavenly. I felt so naughty drinking it and couldn't believe that it was only 204kcals.
I was worried about strawberry as im not really a strawberry flavoured type of gal, but again it was delicious, so creamy and didn't have that overwhelming artificial strawberry flavour that you can get.

On the plan i lost 4lb which is incredible for me, i didn't have any naughty food or alcohol during this and drank so so much water
Honestly i would recommend this diet and even after the 7 day trial had finished im making sure that my three meals are all healthy and no crazy snacking in between ( my downfall).
At the moment Forza have the Shake it slim 7 day starter pack on offer for £18.99 here so grab it while its discounted. Let me know if you try it too, id love to read your success stories.
Plus if you have a little browse on their website, its full of amazing supplements, not just for weight loss either. Worth a nose and quite reasonably priced too. I've currently got my eye on the fat burners  pre workout T5's and hydratrim to help me with weight loss and aid with my workouts. ahha i have a bit of a list now, but its because i know it will work.  
Even with the 4lb gone, i feel so much better in myself and in control with my diet, and i will defiantly be buying another pack before i go on holiday and to Glastonbury
You can find Forza here :
Go and follow them for more information and regular giveaway's too  
Thanks for reading

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