Magnitone Lucid Review and GIVEAWAY

Well hello there my lovely readers,

This is a very exciting post indeed for me , not only was i given the most amazing opportunity to review the magnitone lucid but I've also been given the opportunity to give one away for one of you lucky readers to win. So keep reading until the end to enter to this amazing giveaway.

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen me tweeting every night about how amazing my Magnitone lucid is, how much I've enjoyed using it and how fabulous my face is looking since using it.

Although i was sent this to review it hasn't made any impact on my thoughts of the product and I'm hoping the person to wins the giveaway will see exactly why I'm so obsessed with this product.

The Magnitone Lucid is a easy-to-use complexion-boosting tool that no beauty - conscious traveller should leave home with out. It promises softer, brighter, clearer skin in just 7 days where you can see the difference.

Ive been using this for 7 days now and my skin is a shadow of its former self, its more radiant , my skin has cleared up, its more plump, my pores have reduced , my blackheads have faded, my skin is so so so soft I'm forever stroking it. I'm kicking myself that i haven't tried this earlier.

In my box i received 
  • Magnitone Lucid 2 Mode Brush
  • Active Clean brush head with SprayGuard™ bristles
  • Magnetic clink travel charger (3-pin UK plug + 2-pin EU plug)
  • Instructions
  • 12 month warranty card
I however haven't been travelling this week, I've just been using this as part of my usual skincare routine, i take my makeup off with it and prep my skin for the day ahead.
I will be taking this on holiday with me when i go in august as it is just so handy, its quite small and light, it also comes with a detachable wireless travel charger, this is great because you only have to charge it once for 12 hours and the charge lasts for approx 2 weeks. .Its also water proof so great for in the shower, it also comes with an international charger so if it does run out i won't have to be searching high and low for a international plug (we all know we pack a lot of travel plugs but when we come to use them, can we find them? NO!) i can just plug it in. 
If your travelling this summer or in fact ever i would honestly recommend to take this with you and it will completely change the way you cleanse your skin forever

The colour i was sent was 'plush pink' which just is Alexandra Elizabeth all over. I'm a proper girly girl and love everything pink, it just makes it that more fun and luxurious when I'm cleansing. Not only does it come in pink but also 3 more colours to match your summer look, how cute right?
How perfect are the colours? So summery

The one thing i love about the Magnitone Lucid is that it works with my regular cleanser, for the morning i have been using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser and for the evening for a deeper clean I've been using Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser just to make sure all of my makeup is off.
It has 2 settings deep clean and sensitive which you can change at the click of a button. I'm quite lucky and don't have sensitive skin so I've been using deep clean since day one but it recommends to use the sensitive setting for the first 5 days and then go onto the deep clean.
It has a timer also which i love, i use it for 20 seconds on my forehead and down my nose, after this is pauses and i use 10 seconds on each cheek and then the last 20 seconds over my chin area. It buffed away any dry patches that i have and really deep cleanses into my pores. Also with active electromagnetic technology It has 10,000 pulsed oscillations per minute to really give an effective clean and exfoliation.

After i have used this i have noticed that all of my skincare just absorbers amazingly into my skin and my makeup just looks flawless and it creates an amazing base.
Ive been able to have no makeup days which is usually a no no for me, my confidence has just gone through the roof.

The first time i used it i went down stairs and my family all said "wow" i told them to feel it and they where totally taken aback with how amazing my skin felt, a few days later in work one of the girls said i looked more youthful and more radiant and asked what i had been using, once i told her what it was she went online straight away to order herself one.
I also asked my boyfriend to try it too sharing is caring  right? , he loved it, he was abit sceptical at first but once he had used it he was pretty impressed.

This is a great product and has completely changed the way that i now cleanse my face, I'm so glad i was given the opportunity, I've wanted to try a cleansing face brush for a long while but didn't know if it would break me out and they are pretty expensive, the great thing about this is that its only £69.99  (Currently on offer for £49.99 absolute bargain from look fantastic) and I'm now contemplating buying the Magnitone Pulsar for an all over body experience.

Now you have your chance to win one of these amazing brushes. Just enter with  rafflecopter below:

Giveaway is UK ONLY - Super sorry guys
Ends 23rd July
Make sure if your under 16 you ask a parent or guardians permission before you enter
I will be checking all entries so make sure your doing them properly.
You have 2 days to claim the prize or i will pick another winner

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading and good luck

Alexandra Elizabeth

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  2. Sounds really good, I could certainly do with a really deep clean for my face!

    1. i know i was the same, now my skin looks and feels amazing, thank you for entering this competition

  3. What a really great competition, at 2 weeks shy of 31 I would have thought my skin would have cleared up by now but it hasn't - I really need something to help it out.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    1. i know i really suffer from bad skin, this is really gentle over any active breakouts.

      Thank you for entering

  4. Amazing give away lovely! Fingers crossed.. I've had my eye on something like this for ages haha! You've made this paticualr one sound fabulous ! X

    1. awwh thank you, it really is as amazing as it sounds, so easy to use and just makes skincare that little bit more enjoyable.
      Good luck and thank you for entering

  5. Thanks for a great giveaway! x


    1. No Problem Kirsty, thank you for entering this great competiton, Fingers crossed

  6. What a great giveaway! These sound sooo good!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. i know they are amazing :), really has improved my skin.

      Thank you so much for entering

  7. Would love one of these been using electric toothbrush for same purpose for years

    1. haha so true, mine actually matches the colour of my electric toothbrush too, thank you so much for entering and fingers crossed

  8. This is a fab giveaway, i'd love to try this, I am on a bit of a skin mission at the moment to try and get my skin looking healthy x

    Kirsty More of Me ❤

  9. Wow this looks like a similar version of the oft-raved about Clarisonic! I'm so glad to see that this worked with you; skincare is highly personal, and it's always awesome when something clicks :)

    1. hi Amanda, i know I've been lusting after the clarisonic for quite some time so when this came to review i was completely taken aback as well as excited. im so glad that it worked for me.

      i hope you have entered the competition

  10. I love your 'how beauty bloggers are portrayed' post. So honest, I really appreciate it when bloggers are honest in posts like this!
    Daniela xo | danielascribbles blog

  11. Innovative sounding skincare product. Very intriguing, I've never tried anything like it before!

    1. honestly if your thinking of trying it, definitely purchase it, also enter the competition for your chance to win

  12. Replies
    1. Hi Gillian have you entered via the rafflecopter gadget above?

  13. brilliant prize
    Carrieanne x

  14. Good luck to everyone who has entered such an amazing giveaway x

  15. Brilliant review, it sounds supberb and something my skin could do with right now, thanks for the chance of winning one x

  16. Lovely giveaway thanks. Would love to try out on my skin and see if it helps my pores :-)

  17. Amazing prize would Love this
    thank you