NARS- velvet matte skin tint SPF30

Hello my loves,

We all know that Nars is a brand that's really up there for me, i can honestly hand on heart say that Ive not tried a product that i haven't loved. Everything that i have tried has given me exactly what i have wanted from it, and this little beauty is no exception to the rule.

When i first heard that Nars had brought out a matte skin tint, ive got to be honest i wasn't all that bothered. I'm more of a full coverage kinda gal, but there was something about this that when i was swatching in beauty bazaar i knew i just had to have it, 

I have oily/combination skin that's no secret and as the months have warmed up my skin has become even more oily which im in a constant battle with. 
I am drawn to matte finishes but the beauty blogger in me cant help myself in trying other types either. You would think that with me being oily that i wouldn't pick up a dewy foundation, but i do and i actually really like them too.

Anyway less of the rambling, hotter weather means Alex has oilier skin, therefor i need a base that will combat the oil but also conceal my redness and any blemishes too,

I was slightly skeptical with this not being a full coverage foundation, and the word tint scared the crap out of me but im so so so glad i picked this up.

This honestly is the perfect summer foundation, it covers just enough for me to still feel pretty confident and builds up really really well, id even say to near enough full coverage, and so much more than what i was expecting when it comes to a skin tint. 
Its so natural looking on the skin and it really does keep my oily areas at bay.
My skin looked flawless all day long, its like an Instagram filter in a bottle, with transparent blurring powders to instantly enhance the look of the skin
I love that this has skin benefits too like having rose fruit extract in to tighten pores over time. Vitamins C & E and the broad spectrum SPF 30 to protect against free radical damage.  I love products that help the skin in the long run too,

It stayed put all day too which is exactly what i need, im not one for topping up my makeup throughout the day, I do it in the morning and that's that until i get home that evening.

I will be bringing this foundation on holiday with me, as it does look so natural on the skin but it also has an amazing SPF 30 in. Protecting my skin as well as covering, that's just perfect for the warmer months, plus its a doddle to apply too, quick and easy , that's exactly what i like, especially when im on holiday, i like my afternoon naps waaaay to much, so the easier the better for me. You could even use your fingers too 
Its the perfect no make up makeup, matte and looks flawless and like i said before im so glad that i bought this now. 

I am the shade Groenland in this, im usually Santa Fe in the sheer glow if that helps anybody wanting to pick their shade. NW15/20 in mac 

You can purchase this from the Nars website, or if your neat the North West I picked mine up from Beauty Bazaar in liverpool and its priced at £30

Thanks for reading, 

Alexandra Elizabeth

P.s You can read my Nars sheer glow foundation review here

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  1. This sounds lovely, I'm not sure how I'd get on with it having super dry skin though xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo