Nude lips

In keeping with the whole nude thing going on my blog at the moment I thought I would post about lips to go with yesterday's nude nails post :)

Maybelline had a buy one get one half price deal on so I had to try the nude lips as it's not something I usually go for :) I'm a red lipstick sort of girl or pinks. So I thought while they where on offer I would try them out.

I love a nude lip and have always wanted that Kim kardashian look her makeup is always flawless.

I am super duper dissapointed as these colours just make me look dead to the world. They just washed me out completly :( .

I won't try the testers EVER in a store I find it extremely unhygienic and I feel sick at the thought of placing it to my lips.

Now I'm sure these lip colours would look fabulous on some people but I guess I just picked out the wrong colours for me. 
I'm very fair skinned so it just blended into my foundation.

I've tried again and just put more contour and more blusher as they don't look as bad and I could wear them :) 

I picked up these two maybelline lipsticks. 
I love the packaging. That the lid matches the lipstick colour and the silver base.
I picked tantalizing taupe and sultry sand.

Tantalizing tail swatch 

And on the lips ... I don't mind this colour it's the best out of the two I'm sure with a bit of blending out this would look lovely. As a sheer wash of colour.
Sultry sand.
This really washed me out the most. But again I'm sure if I placed it with another colour it would look better. 

Do you have any nude lipsticks you woul reccomend? 
Maybe a blog post with swatches I could see?

These lipsticks retail is £6.99 in boots but with the other being half price it was a deal I wouldn't miss  

Thank for reading and don't forget to follow :)

Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. I've never tried nude lip colours but they look so lovely on you! :) Lovely blog sweet, thanks for the link!