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Aloha readers..
Last week I missed weight loss Wednesdays due to being an explorer in Paris, and because of this I totally forgot all about this week , bad Alex 

But I'm back and just got home from slimming world and I'm 5.5lb down YAAAY I could have kissed my weigh lady when she told me I had lost that much :) I'm a very happy Alex and it's just gave me the motivation I was lacking.

This weeks post is all about at home workouts. 
One app that I use and like is the Nike Training Club's like a personal trainer at home and it's FREE 
It's designed specifically for women and you can set yourself goals if you want to get lean , toned or strong.
It gives you a 4 week program to follow and mixes it up to keep you motivated.
I really have enjoyed doing this and it's not cost me a penny :) each workout is about 30-40mins long so you can easily fit it into your routine.

Secondly I have scoured the internet for some printable workouts that I can also use.

Here is a few if your wanting to get involved.
Just add them into your day and your done :)

Have a go, tell me what you think 

Thanks for reading hunnies

Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. Oohh the 54321 looks really good! They all look like i’d end up crawling into the shower afterwards though haha!