Smugglers cove Liverpool

Hi dolls..

Tonight was date night with the girlfriends... 
We decided on nandos and then the cinema.
Then one of my friends suggested we try this new place in town called Smugglers cove.She loved this place and told me the chips where amazing (that sold it for me). This resturant is situated on Albert Dock in Liverpool city centre, so it fits right in. I had heard bits and pieces about it but didn't quite know what it was. I thought it was a rum bar but didn't sell food. Nevertheless we went for it.. And my my didn't we enjoy it.

This place has to be the No1 place for all who is interested in anything to do with pirates of the Caribbean or just pirates in general. The interior of this resturant is outstanding you really feel like your in a pirate ship. 
They have a section for the resturant and a section for the bar.
So we got seated and scrolled the menu.. May I add the menu was a treasure map.

While we where browsing the menu, we ordered our drinks. Our servers name was jess as she was just outstanding, my friend asked for a wine and she reeled off a whole list of wines she could choose from, then it was my turn I asked what dark rum they had to offer and she explained that they had 150 types. She asked if I liked spiced rum.. Which I do and the decision was made.
She then left us alone to browse the menu. 

I'm sorry Whaaat... Look at this menu, I feel like Keira knightly as this point. 

I opted for the Thai green curry and ordered a side of seasoned chips along with one of my friends, and my other friend picked a cheeseburger. 

Our drinks came and the rum was just delicious.

Now we wait for our food, at this point I was pretty hungry and couldn't wait to have this curry in my belly.
Food service was quite quick and I was overly impressed with the presentation of the food. Again all pirate themed.

I know.. They served my rice is a shell.. Who does that. 
I squeeled a little inside with excitement. 
I love the little silly things a lot, and although it's just presentation of the food. I adored it and how imaginative it was and really fitted in with the theme of the resturant.
My friends burger was served in a barrel too.. With a little bottle of BBQ sauce and  a glass of relish aswell.

My food wasn't the best Thai green curry I've ever had. I found it tasted like chicken soup.. Nothing really Thai about it bar the coconut milk.
My friend really really enjoyed her burger and said it was one of the best she had.

The chips though.. Well my friend wasn't wrong they where fabulous. Just the right amount of seasoning and crispyness. I could have just sat all night long eating these chips.

I know they don't look like nothing special but believe me they were good.

So we polished off our food and then waited for the bill.
We held our breath thinking it may have been stupidly expensive.. But for the 3 of us drinks too the bill was £50.

I don't think this was a bad price at all, although I wasn't overly fussed on my food. The service was second to none by jess and the theme of the resturant was amazing.
Another waitress took our money and we waited a little over 15mins for our change.. In the end we had to ask for it which annoyed me. 

I would go there again but try a different dish. Hopefully I can persuade the boyfriend to treat me. 
I will defiantly be going to the bar though with 150 dark rums to choose from I know ile be in my element.
If your looking for a new resturant to try in Liverpool ..head here. I think if you are touring Albert Dock then this will be in keeping with the theme as it is a great fun place to be in. If I was a child again I know I would love it just as much as I do being a grown up.

Oh forgot to mention the best bit... 

There is a Jack Sparrow look a like placed at the bar , taking to customers and again inkeeping with the theme.

How cool is this. I told you all you pirates of the Caribbean fans would love this place. 

Check it out at

Thanks for reading me mateys...

Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. This place looks amazing! xx

  2. This looks fabulous, even the name is brilliant x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Oooh I really want to go there! :o I love pirates and food! Perfect combination right? And Jack Sparrow? Can't it get any better? :L Gisforgingers xx

  4. That place sounds fab, great in depth review xx

  5. I want to go there now! Looks amazing :D
    L xo