New Real Techniques Brushes

Hi dolls,
Couldn't belive my ears when I heard that real techniques where bringing out new brushes. 
Everyone who knows me , knows that I just adore these brushes, no shedding and always gives me a flawless application, plus they are so god damn affordable.

So I've done a little bit of research on these beautiful brushes. 
Yes they have been out in america for a little while but they are going to be landing in a boots near you very soon. I heard it was January 8th or even January 27th ..
These brushes are all retractable making them a must for on the go. 
I religiously use the current lip liner brush and every time I put my hand in my bag I'm covered in lipstick and so is my bag. I'm so so glad they have a brush that I can keep in my handbag and have no mess. 

The range contains 4 new brushes with 3 being retractable 
They are as follows :

A bronzer brush (£12.99) 

A kabuki brush (£11.99) 

A lip brush (£5.99) 

Silicone liner brush (£6.99)

This is the one thing other than the lip brush I'm excited about. I wonder how it will apply on my eyes...
Guess I'm gonna have to wait like most .

One thing I do know is that I'm so so excited .. Hurry up and get into my shopping bag.

Has anyone tried these yet?
Anybody as excited as Me? 

Thanks for reading 

Alexandra Elizabeth 

All pictures taken from the real teqniques website 

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  1. they look amazing , i am looking forward to trying the liner brush :)
    The inked blonde

  2. ooh yeh i want to know what the liner applicator is like too!:)how interesting:)xx

  3. I had no idea these were coming out! Will definitely be picking up the retractable kabuki brush!

    Nicki x