Weight loss Wednesdays

Hi again ,

This week hasn't been my most motivated. After loosin. 4.5 lb last week I feel like I've eased off my weight loss wagon. 

Don't get me wrong all my meals have been slimming world friendly but I've added a sneeky ammout of chocolate, crisps and wine in this week. 
I feel super bloated and I don't like it. 
I was struggling on what I could post about today and asking Jennifer what she thinks, I've decided it's on motivation.

I know it's only week 2 but I'm sure I'm not the only one lacking motivation. 
I know it's hard to be strict with yourself all the time, but loosing weight is a lifestyle change. Even if it's not to loose weight but to become fit and healthy.

Don't get me wrong I don't think cutting out every bad food forever is good for you. If you deprive yourself then you want it more. 
All food is good in moderation.....

But my problem is I'm greedy, I can eat a whole packet of Pringles in one sitting right after my dinner and then chocolate after.

I don't eat until I'm full.. I eat untill I'm stuffed.
If I eat my dinner and I'm craving chocolate, crisps and popcorn. Even though I'm full, ile eat them. Hence why I gained loads of weight . At Christmas I feel like all I done was eat crappy food .. I didn't care I just absolutely loved stuffing my face.
I'm also a comfort eater.. Had a bad day? Ile eat.. Had a couple of bad days Ile eat even more. It's a bad cycle , but it's something I've learnt to control(ish).

My top tips for motivation: 

So my first thing is to remember why your wanting to loose weight? Was it to fit into a dress?, for a holiday, to feel better in yourself? Whatever the reason just remember why. Even write it down so everytime your wanting to eat something you don't think you should then you can see it and may put it back in the cupboard.

Secondly, imagine yourself at your goal weight. How amazing will you feel? How good will it feel buying jeans a size smaller? How good will they look on you?  
Again this doesn't have to be weight loss.. Even if your happy with your weight and just want to tone up. Just imagine your body change :) 

Thirdly.. Don't beat yourself up for chowing down on everything fabulously fattening :). Tomorrow is a new day.. Start again and get on with it. Don't feel bad. Even if you don't loose weight that week. Your in control of your body, and sometimes a little splurge makes me want to work harder the following week.

4. JUST KEEP GOING.. you can do it, you will do it. Gotta keep making better lifestyle changes. 

5. Life doesn't revolve around your eating habbits. Sometimes you do have a holiday to go on, or a lunch in your fave burger place, or a friends party all food included. Just go and have fun. I never diet whenever I'm going anyware like that. If I'm eating out and I want carbonara, I'm getting carbonara.like I said above if I deprive myself of the food I love ile give up and binge. I just try and be good the rest of the week and blowout that one day :)

6. Write a food diary of what you have eaten , if you see you have eaten a whole bag of toffees and a tube of Pringles it may put you off, but it also helps you monitor your intake of calories. A good app is my fitness pal.

7.take a before shot? Imagine how amazing it your after will look next to it :) 

So like last week here are some motivational pictures to help see you through the week.

All I need to do now is follow my own advice :) happy Wednesday guys :)

thanks for reading 

Alexandra Elizabeth 

*all images taken from google images 

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  1. Having come from "Jen, I don't know what to write", I think this is an amazing post Alexandra! I think all the motivational points you make are sooooo true! I lack motivation EVERY day, actually, multiple times a day! So I think this post will really help me, and the other girls, to try and stay on track! I like all of your points but I particularly relate with 3,4 and 5. If I mess up, that's the day written off for me and I go and binge, that needs to change! And so true about eating out, I don't see the point in going to a restaurant you love and forcing yourself in having a salad, just dont go! Great post lovely :) (long comment sorry haha)

    Jennifer: Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


  2. I totally agree with the whole "if you deprive yourself of food then you'll end up binging" scenario - this is probably my downfall as well as being a fellow comfort eater as well, it's a vicious circle but at the end of the day it's about being a healthier version of yourself!

    Thanks for the motivational tips lovely, I'll be sure to refer back to this post if I'm struggling :)

    Natalie xx

  3. Thanks Jen, it's quite a personal post for me but something so true. I need to stop the comfort eating but I just can't hahah

  4. Thanks Natalie.. I know I always need the little boost of motivation :)

  5. I’m a little like you and eat until i’m STUFFED! No matter what it is, I just can’t stop eating until it’s gone so that’s my main problem. Your also right in saying everything is good but in moderation. If you want a chocolate, have one. If you want a piece of cake, have it! Just don’t eat the whole thing ;)

    Keep going, we’re in it together!



  6. Thanks Emma, I know the support is unreal :) I'm a stuffer and proud haha

  7. Had to come and give you some fellow #bloggerswlw love <3
    Firstly Well done for last weeks great loss and for finding the motivation to write this great post! For someone who didnt know what to write, you wrote a great post! xx

  8. The motivational tips are good and I think it's so great to share your journey because I'm sure you'll help other people. I struggle with weight too, you'll get there! xx

  9. Myself and my flatmates at university have started the Gillian Michaels workouts on youtube, combined with healthy eating and were motivating each other! Hopefully it will all pay off! :)

    Mon Petit Billet

  10. Everybody needs motivation from time to time :) we can all do it :) you just have to want it

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