Revlon Lip Butters

Hi loves,

I bought these lovely lip butters the same time as the loreal glam shine sticks. 
Again these where reduced to £5 so I picked myself up 2. 
I already have a nude one which I just adore. It's the perfect nude for me and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some more colours. 

The colours I picked up are : 045 cotton candy, 090 sweet tart.

How fabulous is the packaging ? I love the Chanel inspired quilt pattern and I also love the fact the outer shell mathss the colour In the lip butter.

On the top of the packaging it has a see through square so you can really see the colour you are about to apply to the lips. 

I don't have a favourite out the two yet I just love them.
They are like a sheen over the lips nothing too pigmented but quite glossy 

I love the consistency and how moisturising they are on the lips. The only problem is they don't stay on the lips very well but I'm not surprised with the formulation. 
They had a fantastic colour range but most had sold out due to the fact they are on offer for £5 
Cotton candy 

Sweet tart

Thanks for reading 
Have you tried the lip butters before? What's your favourite colour?

Link your review below

Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. I love sweet tart! I just got it yesterday. I also got rasberry pie and love it as well. Super soft and nice pigment :)

  2. I have looked at these a few times but i have been unsure, i might have to pop one in my next haul.

  3. Love both lip butters! Lately I'm having a crush on lip pencils. I love changing from time to time.

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman

  4. Lovely blog, so have followed :). I am looking to buy some more lipstick at the moment, so this post was helpful.


  5. i have sweet tart and recently purchased cotton candy because i loved them soo much x