Skincare routine (night)

Hello dolls,
I'm sure this is my first post of 2014 :).
This post about my nightly skincare routine. This helps to keep my skin in tip top condition and look in great shape.
I'm quite new to the skincare routine, I was never to bothered about creams and things, but now I do it every night without fail.
It's like me time. I get to pamper myself and have lovely skin at the end.

So my first step is that I take off the days make up which can be quite a lot depending on where I've been.
I pump one pump of this loreal skin perfection 15 second miracle cleansing oil into the palm of my hand and onto a dry face a massage this into my skin. It quickly dissolves into the skin removing most of my make up instantly with no hassle whatsoever.
I rinse it off with hot water and then re fill my basin for my next cleaning product.

Considering I was just a face wash girl I now believe I might over cleanse. So after the oil I use the superdrug naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser.
I don't know if this has made any difference to my skin with it claiming that it awakens skins natural glow, but it really does make my skin silky smooth . I love it's deep cleansing action and how themuslin (inside box) feels on my skin ,exfoliating all over, I take this all over my face and onto my kneck in a circular motion, applied on wet skin, and then I buff away the product using the muslin cloth provided.

After this I pat my face dry with a clean towel and set to work on my lips, I don't always use this step. It 3 out of 7 nights I will use a little bit of this.. The lush bubblegum lip scrub. The taste is amazing and my lips feel super polished and dead skin free.

I then move from my bathroom to my vanity and use the products below firstly the 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution gets swept over my skin using the oval cotton pads below this picture, I then set to work on my eyes with the eye makeup remover incase there is any mascara left behind. I then cleanse the skin and finish off with the toner.

I wait for my skin to dry and then in circular motions ,I pub in from my neck in upward motions the No8 protect and perfect intense night cream. This is a new product that's got for Christmas so I'm just testing it out.

Once the face is sorted I then move into the rest of the body and lather myself in the soap and glory butter yourself moisture lotion. I just love the smell of this, I love how the product melts onto my skin and how it's none greasy.after then I just place on some hand cream.

And just before I go to sleep I finish off with a small dab of nail oil on my nails , this is nurture oil and it smells like raspberry ripple. Mine has lasted me forever because you only need the tiniest bit. I bought mine from a local salon

I now have fabulous glowing and cleansed skin, all ready for its beauty sleep.

What's your skincare routine for bed?

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Alexandra Elizabeth


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  1. great skincare routine honey bun !
    1.i remove makeup with make up remover
    2.i apply toner with a cotton ball (i use simple's at the moment)
    3. wait for it to dry then apply moisturizer generously :) i use loreals triple active for dry sensitive skin :)
    Melissa x

  2. Thanks for the comment , I can't use them cotton balls, I don't know why but I just can't:)
    I only ever used to use Just a face wash . Like I said I'm still pretty new to the whole routine

  3. I love the micellar solution by l'oreal, think I might have to check out the others too now :)

    1. Yeah I'm really enjoying it. It's meant to be a dupe for bioderma so I'm happy

  4. Ive always wanted to try the cleansing oil, might purchase now after reading this

  5. Great post :) I think I'm going to give the Cleansing Oil a go.. It looks fab!