My top beauty products of 2013

Hello dolls.

This Is my top products of 2013 post. 
The list was endless but I decided to whittle it down to this lovely bunch.. 

In no particular order....
My naked palettes. 3 palettes millions of looks. They have got me through every night out. Every day time look. Every time I wanted to just jazz up an outfit :) 
These are my staples and I know they are gonna be seeing me right through 2014 aswell. 
Mac studio fix foundation. I love a full coverage foundation and I try loads and loads foundations but I always come back to this. I love the coverage and the fact it last all day even on a night out after  sweating on the dance floor.
HD brows palette. Yet again a product I have come back to.
It's staying power is second to none and I just love the angled brush it comes with.
 Mac vanilla pigment . Another product I can't live without . Love this for highlighting my inner corners of the eye, and under my brow and sometimes I will highlight the cheekbones.
Real tequniques brushes. I can't even explain how good these are :) 
Everything blends perfectly. If you havnt already tried them.. Then do it.
Loreal volume million lashes excess.. I just can't find a mascara like it. And I've got loads to choose from including Chanel but this beauty is just my all time fave. Repurchased this about 5 times and I just love it. Nothing make my eyes pop as much as this does. 
My ultimate spot remover , this was a product reccomended to me by my boyfriend so i have him to thank for this. I have quite hormonal skin. If I eat bad, drink alcohol or have a sleepless night then out comes a spot. Even if I'm stressed, or just the time of the month that every lady hates then my face flairs up.. But this keep it's at bay, pop this on every night and the spot is reduced, a couple of nights later and the spot is gone. It's changed my face and life. 
Mac lipsticks.. It could be any colour I love them all but recently all I've been wearing is rebel. I love the price, the colour range, the textures and pigment.
They complete every outfit for any occasion. 
Maybelline gel eyeliner , another product I have repurchased. I love it's staying power and the fact it's a highly pigmented black colour. It glides on super easy and doesn't dry up.
Illamasqua pigment in beguile.. Wow this stuff Is like fairy dust. I use this ever so slightly on my eyelids over the smokey eye I have created for that little bit of glitz. It's perfect for this time of the year with parties but this is a must for me every night out. 
Loreal lumi magique concealer . A dupe for YSL touché éclat. To be honest I love this a lot more than my YSL one. I think it blends in waaay more easily , lasts longer and reflects the light away from my dark circles a lot better. Try it if you don't belive me :) nothing brightens my under eyes like it. 
My 107's my all time favourite eyelashes .. Been using these for about 4 years now. Every single night out or special occasion these are what are glued to my eyes. I absolutely adore them. They just set off my whole face and i sometimes wear them in the day aswell. Love eylure lashes... Top tip.. Don't cry in them or go to sleep with them on. They won't be worth a thing the next day haha . You can re wear these loads aswell. 
This is a recent find but I know I just can't live without it. It makes my lips super soft and smells and tastes amazing. Especially in these cold months my lips get very dry. A little scrub from this and my lips are good as new :) 
Celebrity sun self tanning lotion. I love this products . It smells amazing , looks amazing and lasts ages. I have a full review of this product on my blog. 

My final product is the rimmel stay Matt powder.. This little baby was intoduced to me by Tanya burr. I have quite oily skin so to mattify this just does the job. I've tried many expensive powders but nothing is better than my good old rimmel stay Matt powder. It has great staying power. Keeps my excess oil at bay and doesn't make my make up look too cakey, plus it's purce friendly too. 

That concludes my 2013 top beauty products.
Link yours down below. I love trying to products :)

Thanks for reading
Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. Love this post! Naked palettes are the best xox