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Hello dolls

With the new year only a few days away and the fact that I'm going to a party with my legs on show. I thought this is the perfect time to give my body a good old exfoliate.
I still have bits of tan left over from Christmas Day and of course I want a nice even base to reapply my new layer of tan for when I go out. 
I've never used this scrub before and usually only ever use exfoliating gloves, so I'm excited to see if it's going to take of my patchy tan :)
This scrub says it's "the ultimate super- smoothing body butter" and says that rough elbows will be silky.
Dry shins become suspiciously shimmery and the bumps are gone from the back of the arm :) 
So hopefully as all I want to do is scrub any old tan off this will do the job.

The first thing I notice when I pump it out is that it has little pink particles in it.. And the smell is your signature soap and glory scent, just like Chanel's coco mademoiselle :) 

This scrub foams up like a wash aswell which I quite enjoy.

Well I'm quite impressed, it's taken most .. Not all but most of my tan off and it never irritated the skin.
With some scrubs (like sugar crush by soap and glory) I feel like there isn't enough grains in the product for it to be exfoliating and I do like a good scrub. 
This had the right grain ratio that I want and my skin feels super duper soft and i can't wait to lather myself in a soap and glory moisturiser.

This was a present from my boyfriend so big massive pat on the back to you for getting me this :) I love love love it
Giving this product a 5/5 and I'm usually not a big fan of soap and glory products really. 
I can see this being a repurchase :)

Thanks for reading :)
Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. I love Soap & Glory their products are so good and smell so yummy!

  2. great review
    soap and glory do have some lovely products !
    melissa x

  3. LOVE soap and glory x x