Celebrity Sun tan review

Hey lovelies ,
If your anything like me then you love a nice bronzed skin all year round. Especially at this time of the year when it's the party season.

My tan of choice is this tan ,celebrity choice.
This tan is a newish tan launched in my home city of Liverpool and we all know how much us scouse girls love a good tan, and if it's one thing we do know it's our fake tan.

I was lucky to win this from a competition held by themselves and @scousebirdprobs 
Here is what I won 

They send me a huge bundle of tan and I must say I've been impressed.
I've never tried a tan lotion so I've got nothing to compare it to but I like it a lot more than my usual tanning mousse.
When I applied this I was so worried that it would turn out streaky. It's is kind of hard to blend onto the skin so I was kind of just painting my skin if that makes sence.
So I applied this all over my body and hoped for the best. When I woke up (although this tan doesn't really need much developing time and plus your half way to your perfect color by just applying it.) I was greeted by the most beautiful colour, I was all over glowing a fabulous shade of brown (not orange). My bed sheets where not stained and I smelt amazing... Oh did I forget to mention that this tan doesn't smell of biscuits it smells of baby powder. So if like me your boyfriend shares the same bed as you he won't have to put up with you smelling of Wotsits for days :).
I opt for the darkest shade of the lotion because I like to look as dark as I can. Especially without looking orange.

Once I washed it off I was worried it would loose it's colour. Especially on my legs, for some strange reason tan never stays on my legs , but after my shower the tan was perfect. 
No streaks 
No lines 
No smell
No orange
And my legs had even given in and soaked up this beautiful bronzed look.

I would buy this tan as I won this set and they always have offers on so it's a win win for me :)
I would recommend this tan to everyone and is a must especially in this party season :) or like me all year round.

Go and check them out on twitter @celebritysun and you can buy the tan via their website www.celebritysuntan.com

Thanks for reading doll
Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. You've reviewed some great products already! I want to try this now! X