Loreal Skin Perfection skincare

Hey dolls
Just a quick one.. Popped to tesco before and bought these 4 skincare products by loreal.
Havnt used anything from this selection yet. I thought with the new year coming in that I should throw out the dregs of my old cleanser, toner and eye make up remover and have a new one.. After all I got new day and night cream and loads of skincare for Christmas so why not haha. (Any excuse ) 

I've just used it then as part of my evening routine and my skin feels lovely and soft and cleansed. But we shall see as my skin is temperamental 

Had anybody used anything from this range? Thoughts?
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  1. I've never used the cleansing milk but i've used the other three products! I absolutely love the Micellar water but I found the toner dried by skin out a bit too much because of the alcohol in it :( My skin can be pretty temperamental as well! If you wear a lot of eye makeup you should also try the absolute eye & Lip makeup remover, it easily compares to some of the premium brands like clarins! How do you find the cleansing milk?