Soap and Glory HALF PRICE - star gift

It's that time of year again when the soap and glory Christmas bag goes better than half price


I have received this gift 3 years In a row and I am still trying to get through the creams etc so this year I'm not going to bother repurchasing it. The first year that I bought this I was in a que outside boots and a man literally grabbed the case from my hands and ran off with it ( horrible experience ).

Although if you are thinking of buying this for yourself or a loved one, do it.. It's such  an amazing gift and there is nothing better than being soap and glorified especially in the cold winter months. They will be smelling of the famous soap and glory scent all year round..

Every year you have to be quick to get this, it's a must have present for anyone who loves a good pamper.

If I did receive this though to any of my family or boyfriend I wouldn't be dissapointed *hint *

You can buy this product from

*picture was taken from the website 

I have just went online and the boots site is currently unavailable ... Told you it would be popular 

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