Glam Glow Super mud Clearing Treatment

Well hello again lovelies,
Ive just tried the Glam Glow super Mud Clearing Treatment and I just knew I had to share my findings with you.

I received this sample from an event I have just been to and couldn't wait to try it. Glam Glow is something that I've been dying to try ever since Fleur De Force  mentioned it in quite a few of her videos.

If you don't know what Glam Glow is then here is what the glam glow website says:

"SUPERMUD is the world’s most scientifically advanced mud clearing treatment, created to help fight all common skin concerns…
  • Visible pores?
  • Problem skin?
  • Blemishes?
  • Pimples?
  • Breakouts?
  • Spots?
  • Black and white heads?
  • Razor burns?
  • In-grown hair?
SUPERMUD is the Solution….
This amazing detoxifying mud mask is fantastic for fighting all common skin concerns - it helps with the brightening and evening of the complexion; creates a more youthful and smooth skin tone; improves elastin and collagen; de-clogs and minimises pore size and fights unwanted breakouts, by reducing redness and super-speeding the healing process.
SUPERMUD can be used as a full mask for the entire face or simply as a one-spot wonder solution! With SUPERMUD you can visibly see the congestion pull-out from your pores as it dries, giving immediate results in just one use."
I suffer with breakouts especially around my chin, and have quite an oily T-zone, also blackheads on my nose.So as soon as the woman on the stand told me about what it does , It just confirmed even more that I NEEDED to try it.

I cleansed my face and then applied the mask on with my fingers all over the face, I was worried that this sample wasn't enough to cover my whole face but i needn't of worried.

As you can see it goes on as a dark colouring and quite quickly dries to a light blue colour,it does feel a little tightening as it dries but this doesn't bother me and it is not at all drying to the skin. You can really feel this working and dragging all of the impurities out of my skin.

You can see in the picture below just in my T-zone is is de-clogging all of my congested pores, all the gunk out of my skin is coming to the surface.
This to me was very satisfying, it was great to see the product actually working on my skin and I love anything Gross so seeing all the crap come to the surface made me love it even more.

I don't suffer with open pores but after i washed it away with warm water i noticed my whole face just literally glowing. My skin felt tighter , more radiant and so so so soft.
My face wasn't as dull and my spots just not as red immediately after washing it off, everything had calmed down. Everything was uplifted and even when I woke up I was still glowing and didn't even put make up on that day.
Everything felt so nourished, i can't even describe what it done to my face.

This product is amazing and i couldn't recommend it enough, I don't think any amount of Blog reviews or photos can do this product credit.
Just either buy it or online they do a sample pack for £13.99ish but every time I've looked its been sold out.

I am in desperate need to buy the full size now, and really want to try other products from glam glow such as their Youth Mud mask and the bright mud Eye Treatment.

Have you tried glam glow Super Mud Cleaning Treatment before or any of the other offerings from GlamGlow?

what did you think?

you can buy this from the Glam Glow Website for £44.99

Thanks For reading

Alexandra Elizabeth beauty

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  1. I really didn't get on with mine, apparently it's this one which is the best and I can clearly see that! Sounds amazing!

    1. I would reccomend you buy this or try get your hands on a sample. She should have gave us one of each.

  2. I have a little sample off it, but I haven't tried it out yet. Super excited, have heard so many good things about it. I'm sure I will be lusting after the full size after trying it out :-D

    Love, Christine♥

  3. I absolute love Glam glow! And I would have to say that the super mud clearing mask you tried is the best I've tried. The tingling & exfoliating didn't do much for me. Great blog btw :)

  4. I absolute love Glam glow! And I would have to say that the super mud clearing mask you tried is the best I've tried. The tingling & exfoliating didn't do much for me. Great blog btw :)

  5. Hi
    I purchased the full size of this feelunique had a £10 off so went for this did not need it as I have about 20 new masks but. Could not resist. Not used it yet though cannot wait after reading this review