Bargain Beauty Week- Primark P.S Beauty (Eyes)

Hello again, 
Just want to say a quick thank you for following this weeks series of bargain beauty.
I have loved doing this as it has allowed me to try out a lot of brands without breaking the bank and I can advise you the reader if you are thinking of buying any of the products I have mentioned in the last week.

Going to let you know now that this is a heavy pictured post 

So Primark have brought out their own range of beauty product, just when you think primark could do no more they come out with this.
Im not a major Primark fan, i try and avoid my local one as much as possible, I mainly only go in for Pj's I mean you just cannot fault primark for its Pj's, bedding as I quite like it and its really affordable and when im going on holiday i just pick up a few pairs of sandals as im kind of disposable with sandals especially on holiday, I always ruin them.
So with that being said I was picking myself up some Jim jams and found myself wandering into the beauty section.

Mostly everything is under £2.00 which is just crazy.. so here is what i picked up

The Brow pencil, im not a brow pencil person , i just love my HD brow palette to much to ever let go and move to a pencil.

I absolutely love the packaging of the P.S makeup, it in a way reminds me of nars as it has that matte finish to it, i also love the black against the gold, it makes it look a lot more luxe than it really is.

So i tried this on my brows, and i adore the fact that for £1.00 yes £1 you get the pencil and on the other end you get a spoolie, its a soft texture and really goes on the brows easily and evenly, especially with the spoolie you can really get a natural look from it.

I picked up the darkest shade in the range, (yes it comes in different shades for all brow colours, don't know why, i just expected Primark to only have 2 shades) 
The staying power isn't very good, i applied this on my dinner hour in work, about 2 hours later one of the girls i worked with let me know that I had eyebrow half way up my forehead. 
Annoying, good job she said though otherwise i would have been walking round with eyebrows everyware.

Next I picked up some eyeliners, you get 2 eyeliner pencils and a sharpener for £1, such a bargain, i really liked this on my eyelids but in my waterline it just wouldn't show up, they are not very pigmented at all. This was disappointing although for £1 i wasn't too bothered. 

Again the packaging is just lovely, looks so pretty on the stand too.

Then i picked up the felt eyeliner pen, this is my absolute favourite out of the eye products i picked up.It is super pigmented, you can create different looks with this because of the nib, and it glides over my eyelids with ease with no dragging on the lid.
It also stays put all day and goes over glitter eyeshadows a breeze.

I Love this product and will defiantly be repurchasing this , im sure that it was a £1 too if not it was no more than £1.50.
Such a bargain product that i know i will carry on using, and the packaging again is matte , and you feel like its not a primark product you are applying it feels a lot more high end.

Have you tried any of the P.S beauty products?
What did you think? 
If you have a blog post on P.S beauty either link here or tweet me your links

Thanks for reading 
Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. What bargains. Can't say I've tried P.S products before but I'm intrigued!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. For the price, even if you don't like you can just put them in the bin, check them out nextt time your in your local Primark

  2. Love your blog, it's amazing!

  3. Awwh thank you, what a lovely thing to say ::)

    Thanks doll xx

  4. Wanted to try the brow pencil, think ill give it a miss now, thanks! x

    1. For £1 I would say just try it for yourself . But for myself it just slid all over my face

  5. Replies
    1. It is really good :) especially for the price