Bargain Beauty Week- Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray

Your next instalment of bargain beauty week here on Alexandra Elizabeth Beauty.
Today's post is all about the Charles Worthington volume and bounce texturising spray.
I have heard so much about this ever since it came out as being a dupe for Oribe's Dry texturising spray.

I must say, this does exactly what it says on the tin, just a few sprays at my roots and down my ends if  I have curled my hair and ta da, big backcombed looking hair without the backcomb, I spray it in, massage it in an upwards motion and when I let go my hair is just big and has loads of volume.

It smells amazing and its really affordable too, it really does work wonders on my hair, it also holds the style well too, ensuring that my backcombing look stays in place all day and night.

I'm a backcombing fanatic i must have at least 4 backcombing brushes located around my room, and it is an essential part of my hair styling , but we all know that backcombing is bad for your hair so to find a product that gives me that effect without having to backcomb my hair to an inch of its life is a win win with me.

My only downside is how it feels in my hair, its a very dry shampoo feel, and feels very stiff in the hair, I hate products like that, especially dry shampoo, its something i never use i would rather just rewash my hair than mask it with dry shampoo, i hate that dirty feel that dry shampoo gives to my hair.

I have to wash this out the very next day because I just don't like the feel of it in my hair, but for how it makes my hair look, its a small price to pay.

If you don't mind that dry shampoo texture to your hair then i suggest go for it, i realise that i may be the only person who doesn't like dry shampoo (unless its an emergency) in the world.

You can buy this product from Boots for £6.99 here

Have you tried this? what do you think?

thanks for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. I have seen quite a few great reviews on this now, so I'm definitely going to pick it up on my next shop! Sounds fab, minus the dry feel :-)

  2. I love this product really gives the hair great texture .