Super Facialist by UNA BRENNAN - Tea Flower Deep clean pore purifying clay mask

Hey guys

Now that is a long title.
Ever since I tried the glam glow facemask  my facemask obsession had grown.

We all know I suffer with breakouts and this week it's at it's peak.
My chin is over loaded with painful spots that not even my boi-ing concealer will cover :(.
So I decided I needed to invest in some new skincare products because quite clearly my current skincare isn't working, and effaclar duo just seems to burn my spots and create new infected looking ones instead of helping my skin. If you want a full review just comment below :)

I've seen a few bloggers talk about the Una Brennan range and wanted to really try it out myself.
I've heard the range has skincare that could help with my spotty skin.

I seen this on the shelf at my local boots and read the back of the product.
"Clear your skin of dirt, excessive oils and toxins which lead to breakouts with this pore purifying clay mask. it contains salicylic acid, proven to help unclog congested skin and oil- absorbing Dead Sea mud rich in magnesium, calcium,potassium and iron for the perfect facial detox at home.
Avocado oil rich in vitamins A, D and E with acacia honey futher help skin rebalance itself to reveal a clearer , refreshed looking complexion.

After reading that , I was sure this was the product to banish my spots and give me that in house spa and pamper night all Sundays are made of.

I cleansed my skin and placed this all over my face and neck. 

I love the smell of this, the bottle says leave on for 5 mins but I kept it on for 20mins as I found the smell luxurious and I was waiting for the mask to completly dry which it doesn't in the 5 minute time scale they say.
It reminds me of going for a full body massage, it's that smell that they have in the massage room. 

I love how this feels on then skin.its a really nice tingly sensation which indicates to me that it's working well an doing it's job on my skin.

So I sat and soaked in the bath with this on my face and after 20 mins I rinced my face clean and then patted it dry.

My skin felt super soft and felt thoroughly cleansed.
Already my aching chin felt a lot less swollen and the spots on my jawline had dramatically reduced in size.
It doesn't feel drying on the skin at all but the skin does feel pert and more together again especially after a long working week.

I felt slightly detoxed if that makes any sence. 

I would defiantly recommend this product especially if your looking for a good mask but don't want to spend a fortune.

This mask I bought from boots and cost me £5.99 (currently on offer usually £8.99) 
I would pick it up on your next boots trip and see for yourself.
So inexpensive yet so impressive 

What do you think? 
Any skin clearing masks you would reccomend? 
Leave links 

Thanks for reading 

Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. I've been eyeing this face mask for a long time, after this review i have to try it on myself! xx

  2. This sounds great! I think this will be the next face mask I try. Thanks for the great review.

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. I'm not a lover of facemasks as I find them really drying but this one sounds really lovely