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I know its been ages since I last blogged, I completely lost my blogging motivation and couldn't think of anything to write about.
Not being able to motivate myself to blog really frustrated me as its something that I love to do, even if I'm not the most amazing at spelling and can make grammatical mistakes. I love just sitting at my laptop writing away about the thing i love most BEAUTY...So sorry for being super distant recently and for still staying subscribed even though i have been off the radar. 

Anyway less about me and more onto the products that I'm going to review.
Whilst I was lacking in blogging motivation my skin certainly hasn't been missing out.
I was sent this skincare kit to review from Ark Skincare* a few months back and at the end of April, right after my previous blog post i finally had the time to review these products for a good few weeks. This was a blessing, as being a beauty blogger i love to swap and change my skincare about to find what i do and don't like and as you seen from my previous post its something that I'm currently getting into more and more. With this being said all this swapping and changing isn't doing my skin any good.
I have ended up with a very sore spotty chin and dry patches, so i decided enough is enough and tried these products without incorporating any other products into my regime.

Let me tell you this worked a treat, sticking to the one brand has made such a difference to my face , and these products are fabulous.

Ark age aware skincare delivers the best in professional skincare products using innovative, results driven natural ingredients.ARK supports skin through three life stages with specially selected natural ingredients from three core groups.

Lipids, Antioxidants and vitamins
ARK provides a carefully selected blend of botanical ingredients to support and balance the skin through our age-related hormonal challenges

All ARK age aware skincare products are made in the UK and are never tested on animals. The range contains natural ingredients with no use of artificial colours or fragrances, and no irritants such as Parabens, SD Alcohol, Lanolin, Mineral Oils, formaldehyde or Sodium Lauryl Esther Sulphate.

The products came in this cute little bag and had my name on the tag, already i was impressed by just the packaging alone.
Inside the bag came 4 sample sizes of their Age Prepare Skincare range, this is aimed at Teens to Early 30s.

I love that this brand has different skincare for different ages.
I received the age prepare Skin Clear Cleanser, the age oreoare skin vitality moisturiser, The age prepare skin refining exfoliator and the age prepare skin purifying masque. You can buy this kit from their website for £28 if you want to try before you buy the full size.
I think this is a great idea and it makes you more confident in the company when you can try before you commit to the full size.

"Our soap-free facial cleanser has been designed especially with younger skin in mind. It cleverly balances oily and dry areas to leave skin clear and comfortable. Natural ingredients ensure skin is treated gently while spots and excess sebum are banished. Your new best friend."

I loved this product, it wasn't to harsh on the skin, it had a very fresh scent which was consistent throughout the rage which i loved, I feel that this has kept my daily facial oil at bay and has really helped my skin with its spotty chin situation that its got going on.
I would massaged this into my skin morning and night, a little goes a long way and it has a very light foam.
when using this it made my skin feel super clean and washed away any makeup that i had on during the day.

"Our vitality moisturiser offers the perfect balance of hydration for younger skin. Rich in antioxidant and an active anti-pollution system, it provides daily protection from the urban environment. Leaves your skin, clear, radiant and vibrant."

Moisturisers often scare me, I'm quite worried that it will cause breakouts on my skin, but this helped sooth any of my problem areas and really hydrated the skin, it sunk right in and didn't leave a greasy layer over the skin, and i have noticed over the weeks of use how much more glowing my face looks.
My skin is super soft and really glad of the extra moisture that its had.

"Feeling flaky? This gentle exfoliating scrub is perfect for removing dead skin cells and preventing blocked pores. This Gentle exfoliating scrub with natural loofah and bentonite beads is perfect for removing dead skin cells and preventing blocked pores. Antibacterial Margosa Leaf extract helps prevent new blemishes. Skin feels smooth, soft and clearer from the first use.

At the moment ARK have an offer on when you buy any exfoliator you get a free skin purifying masque so two products for £28.. Amazing

I loved this exfoliator, it just wasn't to harsh at all, which i loved, if your after a harsh scrub then i wouldn't recommend this, but for me this was perfect, it didn't irrigate my skin or cause any breakouts and just kept my dead skin from building up around my face.
Even though this only has a few grains in it, i still only used it twice weekly after my cleanser to give my skin that little boost it needed.
I honestly think the antibacterial properties in this scrub have helped keep my blemishes at bay , and after I've used it my skin feels squeaky clean and glowing from the inside out.

"For congested skin our purifying masque is ideal. A marvellous multi-tasker, Containing Kaolin Clay , Wild Water mint and Anti-Pollution Algae it absorbs excess oil, helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and diminishes blemishes. Skin is left feeling calm and clear. Drama over."

Masque Selfie
This applies very thinly over the skin, you only have to leave it on for 10 minutes and voila your done, it doesn't dry up and crack like most masques it dries to a velvet like finish and when you wash it off my skin appears clearer and a lot more cleansed. It has also helped with the combating of my pesky chin spots.i use this masque again once a week.This mask is amazing and i really would if you don't try anything else try this. It just soothes my skin and is a lovely mid week treat , it helps me feel more refreshed and revived and just gives me that pick me up i need without being to thick and cakey and i love that it doest have to be on my face for too long either.

Overall I'm super impressed with this brand and even though i was sent these products it has in no way affected my opinion of them, and the fact that you can purchase the same kit that i have used is amazing and i will defiantly be buying the full size for myself.
After trying these products i am desperate to try the serums they offer and also the SPF and eye cream, i just know that these too will give me great looking skin.

After using these products i have been more comfortable in my own skin, I've actually this week being going to work without any makeup on, happy with the way my chin is looking and how my hyper pigmentation is reducing.

Don't forget to check out ark skincare here and if you sign up to their newsletter you get 10% of your first order.. How good? Everyone loves a discount right!!

Thanks for reading 
Have any of you tried ARK Age Aware Skincare?
Any reviews of the serums , SPFs or the eye cream if so please comment your link :)

Alexandra Elizabeth

Disclamer- Although i was sent this product it has in no way affected my views. All views are my own and honest.
*this is a PR Sample

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  1. Oh wow, they do look awesome.. might have to add them to my birthday wish list! <3

    1. i know, its just such a lovely set and has worked wonders to my skincare routine