Garnier body - oil infused nourishing lotion

Hello my fabulous readers,

I'm not a body moisturiser person, I hate how it sits on the skin and I'm always greasy for hours, plus I can never be bothered applying it either before bed or in the morning so it is sadly a step I miss out in my skincare regime.i only full body moisturise every now and then, and sort of you it as a pamper night treat 

When I seen this in my local boots I thought ile give it ago and add it to my mass amounts of soap and glory body creams and see if it sits well with me.

I've been using this every night all over my skin for about 2 weeks now and I am so so so impressed.

It's none greasy, it soaks into the skin super quickly (but not enough to get straight into tour daytime outfit) and the smell.. OMG the smell, it reminds me of holidays, every time I put it on It just reminds me of white beaches,hot weather and the sea.
If they sold this scent in perfume form then I would defiantly purchase it. It smells different on the skin than it does if you took the pump off and smelt the contents , I think so anyway.

Mainly because of the smell I've wanted to use it more but my skin has reaped the rewards, I noticed that even after day 1 when I woke up my skin was so so soft , and now 2 weeks on it's even softer and other people are noticing even my boyfriend commented the other day how silky my skin feels.

It applies like a cream and then sort of forms into a oily texture and just glides smoothly over the skin and quickly absorbes, I love the fact that even when I apply it with,p my hands , they are none greasy and after it and I can get to work on whatever I'm doing straight away.
it only takes about 1-2 minutes to soak in and I apply this every evening right before bed and I find that the scent just sends me to sleep.
I love the pump too, no squeezey bottle, just an easy to use pump , I use 2 pumps per leg and 2 pumps per arm and then one pump for my stomach and chest area. 

No wonder the cream is so nourishing as the lotion is infused with 4 oils - Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose this is to visibly improve and perfect the look of your skin. It also helps to replenish the skin with moisture and reinforce its barrier function to help it from feeling dry.
It nourishes like and oil and absorbes like a cream

This by far is my favourite body cream I've ever tried and will buy this over and over again , i just can't get enough of it , and if it helps with my lack of motivation to moisturise then its a YES from me.

Why don't you give this a go and its currently on offer on Boots Online for £3.33 absolute bargain, i may have to stock up on more, and i will be bringing this on holiday with me to use after being in the sun all day.

Whats your favourite Body cream?

thanks for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. Great review :) I also need to moisturize more so maybe I'll give this a go x

    1. I promace you won't regret it. I absolutely love this product

  2. Sounds interesting need to check it out!

  3. This product looks great. I need to find it now lol