Sheer cover Review

Hello my beautiful readers,

I was sent this by Sheer Cover to review, i had to wear these products for 7 days straight and see if i could be converted to wearing mineral makeup.
i couldn't use any other products to create my look, other than products I wasn't sent such as eyebrow power and eye shadows, so this was super exciting.

I was so excited by this challenge as I have quite oily skin so i thought mineral makeup would let my skin breath and help my spots out a little.

Here's what I received in my kit -

I received Perfect shade mineral foundation, Conceal and brighten trio, sun-kissed bronzing minerals, lengthening mascara and lash extending fibres.and as a bonus i received sheer cover studio makeup brushes

The Brushes

I received a foundation brush, a precision specially created concealer brush and also a brush to apply my sun-kissed bronzing minerals which i used to contour my face with.
I found these brushes to be scratchy on the skin, and shed quite a lot, when i had completed my look my face was covered in brush hairs :(
The Foundation brush applied my the foundation evenly over my skin and left my skin looking flawless.

The concealer brush was okay too, it wasn't as scratchy as the other two and didn't shed either, it allowed me to precisely apply the concealer to my spots and cover them.

My favourite brush was the contouring brush, i loved how this applied the bronzer to my contouring zones of my face , it left my skin looking glowing and applied the right amount of product.

Lengthening Mascara
I absolutely loved these, and i still wear them after my 7 day trial, I absolutely love what these do to my eyes, as you all know I'm a false lash fanatic but with this product i don't feel the need to wear any.
You apply a coat of the mascara first and then a coat of the fibres and then repeat until you have your desired affect.
I was most excited to try this product as I've been dying to try lengthening fibres for a while


Here is one eye done compared to the other.

Conceal and brighten trio

As i have quite alot of scaring on my chin i was super excited to try this product, I'm  addicted to concealers and am constantly trying to find the perfect one to cover my blemish scars, so any concealer i try i get excited over.

you mix the two colours together to create the perfect colour for yourself and then use the concealer brush to place the concealer onto the place you want to conceal.
I didn't find that this concealed my blemishes or scaring very well at all, it was a waxy consistency and slid of my face, even with the foundation over.
I also tried to conceal, powder and repeat but to no prevail, this was disappointing for me as i really wanted to love this product.
I'm sure for people who don't have such scaring then it would work perfectly for them and give you great coverage.

The highlighter on the side is amazing, it really gives you the most amazing highlight, i used this on my cheek bones, down my nose, my cupids bow, brow arch, and my chin, and i just looked radiant.
I applied this using my fingers dabbing and swiping in all the areas.
I really loved this product and would recommend you buy it.

Swatches of Conceal and Brighten Trio

The foundation

I loved this product, it stayed put all day and really allowed my skin to breath, it gave great coverage, i used this in many ways, first i tried it with the concealer in the kit, as you know this didn't cover well, i then swapped it for another one of my concealers underneath and it really worked wonders with my skin, plus after a week of using this my skin has already started to clear up around my chin area.
I also tried this over my current foundation for a night out, as i wanted more of a heaver coverage, this was my favourite, my skin looked flawless, it didn't look cakey either and it didn't settle any wear on my skin. It was amazing, all night it stayed on and both my mum and friends commented on how great my skin looked, it defiantly made me look more radiant and helped keep my liquid foundation in place.
It also has colour matching technology so that it will always match the colour of your skin, my foundation colour was Light.

I applied this with the brush provided and used circular motions all over and buffed the product into my skin.
I again would recommend this product and i will be purchasing this myself.

Sun Kissed Bronzing Minerals

Again i love this, I'm usually quite a heavy contour type of gal, the darker the better for me, but using this has made me try a more natural type of contour and i love it, this has been a staple in my makeup bag since i received it, i try not to blend all 3 colours together but i do blend the dark two and place it in the hollows of my cheeks, down my nose, round my temple and underneath my jawline to hide my 10 chins :)

the highlighter complements the cream highlighter in the kit and gives me a lovely sun kissed glow, i love it!!
i used the two darker colours to also create a natural smokey eye that i wore in the day time, take a look at the picture below.

One completed look, i used the bronzer on my eyes for a natural smokey eye, how amazing are my lashes please?

A concealed spot area, i had to really build up the coverage with this and in daylight you could still see the redness poking through.

Overall i am happy with these products and yes it has converted me to mineral makeup, I'm a heavy duty makeup kinda girl and its allowed me to step into the  realms of a more natural look that can be build upon for more coverage.
It has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and step away from my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, it has also allowed my skin to breath.
With the summer months coming and vacations starting what better way to get your skin ready and also confident than to use a mineral makeup like this?
you can confidently sit in the sun knowing that your makeup will stay put all day plus the foundation has an SPF 15 , how good is that?

i love this product, and would recommend you try it out for yourself.
you can buy this kit from £29.99 from the sheer cover website and give it a try yourself.
thanks again sheer cover for sending me this kit over to review :)

Have you tried sheer cover before?
Let me know what you think?

Thanks for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth.

Disclaimer: Although i have been sent this product to review this post is all my own honest opinions and views are my own, it has no way affected the review that it has received on

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  1. This actually looked quite good, I think I kind of assumed it would be rubbish but some of those products.. you may have converted me great post!

  2. Your skin looks flawless! Love the warm tones, you look fab xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. awwh thank you, its so good for that extra coverage

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. First time reading your blog - hello! Still new to the Net, 41-yr old technophobe! Anyway... I wear mineral makeup as well, and yes, once tried, you never go back! I got into BareMinerals from a TSV (bargain product of the day). Have you tried it? A little expensive but worth it! I've been a bit wary of trying Sheer Cover cos of the huge amount of TV advertising I've seen of it - maybe I'm a bit of a snob?! lol - so I jumped right in when I saw your blog link, so thanks, I think I'll give it a go! Like you, I've discovered that finding the right concealer seems near impossible - I have thread veins covering my nose, scarring, especially around my nose and on my chin, spots and rosacea, deep nose-to-mouth lines and dark under-eye circles - so I know I'm asking a lot!!! BareMineral's powder concealer (yes, powder!) is the closest I've got, but If you get the chance, please review more? Thanks again :) :) :) TriciaK x

    1. Hi Tricia, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog, i have tried bare minerals and i really liked it, not enough coverage for myself but it is really natural and great for the upcoming summer months, good concealers are really hard to come across, i have another post on the benefit bo-ing concealer which is my favourite and i think that you should try that one too.

      Thank you so much for reading

      Alexandra Elizabeth