Revlon Colour Burst Haul

Hello again,

This is a new type of post for my blog, its my first haul post, usually I post reviews, but i thought i would post this so that if anybody else is still late on the bandwagon like me and don't know if they want to try the Revlon Colour Burst Balms they can see what ones I've bought and see the swatches and then have a little look for themselves. Lets me honest there is quite a few cheaper dupes of these already in the drugstore for as little as £1, you have to think to your self is it worth paying the £7.99.

A few weeks ago I went into my local super drug to see what offers they had on , and if i could pick up any new makeup drugstore bits that i don't already have, I have been umming and ahhhing about the Revlon Colour Burst Balms for quite a while ever since they hit the blogesphere, as i said before with such cheaper options of more or less the same thing and the fact that every beauty blogger and their mum had a post on them, i didn't want to rush into trying them.

I'm so glad i did though and now its my turn to do my own post on them.

I bought 4 Colours from the range 3 of which are Lacquer Balms and one is a matte, i bought all pink shades in the lacquer balms and i bought an orange shade in the Matte.

I have been dying to try out an orange shade on my lips as i was unsure if the shade would suit me.So i found this the perfect opportunity.

The Shades I bought where:

110 Coquette
120 Vivacious
105 Demure
245 Audacious

110 Coquette 
A lovely medium Hot pink colour and even though it is quite bright i have been wearing this one the most,
I love how glossy they look on the lips and keep my lips hydrated throughout the day, Very pigmented

120 Vivacious 
A hot pink colour, perfect for this season, super bright and just adds a little something to my usual makeup look.
Again very glossy, very nourishing on the lips and the stain stays on the lips all day. Very Pigmented

105 Demure
I honestly thought this would be my favourite shade, its the perfect pink nude for my skin tone, again with a bit of shimmer in and very nourishing on the lips.

Although i have been wearing this quite a lot, I've just been loving the brighter shades especially recently with the hot weather England has been having

Last but not least 245 Audacious
I LOVE THIS COLOUR, i love orange on my lips and I'm so glad i tried it and popped it into my basket. I love the consistency of the product, although its a matte balm its not drying to the lips, it sort of feels velvety and soft. i apply this and then blot over my lips so its not too much.

My only negative is the amount of product you get for the size of the packaging but that's me being fussy.

My next shade I'm going to buy is Whimsical, purple coloured lips are another shade I've been wanting to try.
Also Superdrug have these currently on offer for £5.99

Have you tried this product?
whats your favourite shade?

Thanks for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. Lovely shades :)
    I can't decide which one to get!

    1. i know they are so pretty, try something you wouldn't usually get

  2. Can you believe I still haven't tried these? Gorgeous colours. I need some now xx