Charlotte Tilbury - Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Hey My lovelies,
You may or may not have seen that a few weeks ago I was invited to meet the makeup queen herself Charlotte Tilbury. Read about it here

On that amazing day I was gifted so many items from her line which you will see in the blog post linked above,  that in all honesty i nearly passed out. Before the event I loved CT products but didn't have any skincare whatsoever from her line.
Since then I am such a HUGE fan of her skincare. Not because I was gifted it, but because it is actually really really good.

So a few weeks on after using all the products i asked on twitter if anybody would like to see reviews in the next coming weeks.
At the time of writing this everyone had selected the "Hell Yeah " option on my poll so here i am with the first instalment of my CT Collection.

Im starting with the goddess skin clay mask, for me now this is a must for any days where my skin just needs some TLC or before a night out as it creates the perfect base for any makeup look.
First thing is first, the packaging.. oh there's one thing we can say about CT is that the packaging of her products is on point. Honestly that rose gold/copper detailing on all her products just lures me in.
This is no different with its sleek tube and rose gold detailing and lid. It just screams luxury and sits amazing on any vanity like all of her other products.

The Goddess Skin Clay Mask is nothing like a clay mask that you have ever known before, it doesn't give you that really tight clay mask feeling but does take out all of the impurities, and in the end gives you skin like a babies bottom. Its so soft and smooth and your skin just looks radiant, youthful and a lot more pulled together. When i put this on , then finish with her magic cream and wonderglow primer my skin just looks amazing, to the point where i wont wear a scrap of makeup. That's a bold move for me because due to acne and the fact im still spotty now at the age of 25 i have a lot of old scars left over. So every day i wear some sort of base to conceal these problem areas.
Like i said before, after using this i feel much more confident in my own skin, sounds silly but it honestly takes the years off.
The last time i used this was just before a night out with the girls, so please excuse the fact my hair is in pin curls in the picture.
Once I took it off, my skin just looked more awake and ready for anything, my makeup application was flawless and my makeup lasted all night and never clung to any dry areas that i have (although that could be due to other factors not just the mask). So after a night of drinking probably way to many cocktails, the next day i can say i didn't feel the best at all :( but to my amazement my skin hadn't suffered. Usually when your hungover your skin just lacks lustre and dehydrated, but not with this, i woke up and didn't look that bad at all. Hallelujah. The next day is when i think this mask really comes to life.

Please excuse the pin curls and Scouse brow

I gave my mum the full CT pamper evening when i first received the products and i personally think it made such a difference, and her little lines that she does have (not many ) where really softened.

So what's in this miracle mask then ?

• Spanish clay absorbs oil and draws out impurities without drying.
• Sweet Almond and Rosehip Oil nourish and delay signs of skin ageing.
• BioNymph Peptide Complex boosts collagen production and improves elasticity.
• Essential oils create a smooth, hydrating formula that never feels chalky or dry.
• Frangipani Flower Extract boasts soothing antiseptic properties and leaves skin cashmere-soft.

All of that crammed into a little tube that you only have to put on for 10 minutes? AH-MAY-ZING

It is pricy , and like many of you im just used to drugstore facemasks that I think still work wonders on my skin. It is a lot to pay-out i think, but really really worth it and might be something to add to a birthday present list. I think for how it makes my skin look and the ingredients in it that it is worth it, Especially if you are using it just for special occasions like i am then it really will last a long time. Plus a little goes a long way, you don't have to have a thick layer for this baby to work. A thin film is just enough to get all the benefits from it

Don't know if you got this from my post but i LOVE this product :) at £45 it is abit pricy but as i said before totally worth it.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more reviews from the Charlotte Tilbury Line

Thank you for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. I have read such great things about this product and I have put it on my "to buy" list as I am not currently using a mask. It's so hard to find a nice mask and the ingredients sound amazing. Great post.

    Pinar xo

    1. it really is such a great mask :) thanks for reading and taking the time to comment XX

  2. I've been meaning to get this for ages, oh my gaaawd! By the way, can we just talk about your eyebrows for a bit? They are perfect!! I'm jealous!­čś│​

    Cityscape Bliss // My Effaclar journey