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Hello my loves,
A couple of weeks ago, I seen on twitter that Tarte Cosmetics had started to ship to the UK, Tarte is quite hard to get hold of in the UK unless you go to QVC, so i decided to have a little browse on their website and see what goodies I could get myself.
Tarte isn't a brand I've ever used before but I've heard so much from other bloggers and youtubers that i knew it was a brand that i wanted to get my hands on. I love that Tarte is also a cruelty free brand and that the ethics behind the company are amazing. Have a read here
I knew for a long time i wanted to buy a Tarte palette, but I just couldn't decide which one a and really did I need another Neutral Eye shadow Palette. After reading reviews online and my personal eye shadow colour preference,  I went for the Tartelette In Bloom Palette.
The pink and brown hues just really stuck out to me and when i seen the shimmers I just knew it was a match made in heaven.

This palette contains 3 shimmers and the rest are matte, to me they are all pretty wearable and a good all round palette that can take you from day to night in an instant.


With flash

How beautiful are the colours? I love how this palette smells, sounds weird but as soon as you start to use it , the smell of vanilla hits you. Its delicious.
The shadows also are part of the Amazonian clay collection , it has mineral pigments too which help to soothe and soften the skin.
The Colours up close, I love the Embossing of the Tarte Logo

Swatches, Top to bottom Charmer, Flower child, Funny Girl , jetsetter, smarty pants, sweetheart, rocker, firecracker, rebel, smokeshow, activist and leader

 charmer (off white)
jetsetter (warm taupe)
rocker (shimmering taupe)
smokeshow (black brown)
flower child (peachy nude)
smarty pants (tan)
firecracker (bronze copper)
activist (dark brown)
funny girl (champagne)
sweetheart (peach)
rebel (chestnut brown)
leader (aubergine)
The swatches and pictures just don't do it any justice at all, the shadows are so highly pigmented and buttery, blending is an absolute dream. The longevity of the shadows is amazing too, like i said above you can really go from day to night with this palette and the good thing is its quite small so easy to travel round with. Plus it holds a pretty big mirror so you can easily see what you are doing when your applying.
This is going on holiday with me defiantly.
I did say to myself when I was thinking of buying this, do i really need another neutral eye shadow palette? Like isn't my naked palettes enough? . I bought it anyway and im so so so glad i did because honestly these colours are nothing like i own and i can create really nice easy to do looks on my eyes with it.
Thanks Tarte for an amazing product.
You can buy this for £33 here and if you spend over £86 Shipping is free. Otherwise it can be as much as £25. I bought a few bits and so did my sister so we bought it all together and we didn't get charged custom fees either.
Thanks to my lovely readers for reading this post :)
Do you have anything that you would recommend from tarte?
Alexandra Elizabeth
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  1. I've been thinking about getting this palette , but one also heard that the texture of the eyeshadow a are kind of chalky . But I absolutely love the colors and I definitely need some matte neutrals
    The color palette