Elle B Make Up Artist - Makeup Masterclass

 Have you always wanted to know the tricks of the trade? Contouring? Strobing? the key to a flawless base? baking?.. YESSS?.. Well look no further

Last night i was invited to make up artists Elle B's makeup masterclass.. with years of experience, celebrity clients and being trained by Kim Kardashians makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic Elle certainly knows what she's doing.

As a beauty blogger and makeup obsessed gal , i feel like i know my way around makeup products and what works for me,  I have built up quite a large collection over the years and still growing, but still i feel like I've got all the gear no idea when it comes to applying it. 
I watch you tube videos and try and create the look, but to no prevail. 

As soon as I received the invite i jumped at the chance. This was a 3 hour intense masterclass showcasing all of the makeup artist secrets that we have been dying to know.. she also let us in on some of Mario's favourite products. 

Her first look was creating a flawless Kim Kardashian inspired look and the second look was more of a natural every day look. Once you see the photos below (no filter needed) you will see just how amazing Elle is at her job and has such talent. 

She started off with prepping the skin ready for makeup, she lets the moisturiser sink in for a few seconds and then dabs off the excess with a beauty blender (A trick that i will definitely be doing in the future) this helps with making sure your foundation doesn't slip and slide around your face throughout the day. Then with a stoning stick highlighted the high areas of the face. 

Next she went on to show us how to get that flaaaaawwwless base, this included foundation application and concealing those pesky under eye bags.

My favourite part was the contour and highlight section, i don't know about you but I'm all about getting those cheekbones to really pop, maybe I'm guilty of going a tadge heavy every now and then. So it was great to see all the steps that she puts in to give you that really put together look. I've always wanted to know how to do this professionally and how i can adapt it to my face too.

She also showed us how to create the perfect brow, the baking technique which was pretty interesting to be honest. I had all the products she was using for this and i was using them all wrong haha. Typical.. 
She then moved on to talk about eye products, blending and that perfect flick. 
Elle's makeup knowledge is amazing and she knows so so much about her products too. 

The makeup station

ready and waiting to take my notes whilst sipping some prosecco 
Can we take a second to appreciate the glow
Contour shot.

Perfecting that brow


End result of the Kim Kardashian inspired look. How amazing 

Second look
Blend Blend Blend


End Result .. absolutely flawless 

I will definitely be booking in with Elle for my make up next time i need it doing, so if your in need of new makeup artist or just your makeup doing and your in Liverpool then give Elle a call.
Her skills are amazing and i feel so much more confident in my makeup application to create looks on myself.

The good news is that Elle does makeup classes in her very own makeup studio located in Liverpool, so you too can book in and learn these tips and tricks.. check out her website, instagram and twitter accounts to check out her incredible work and to book yourself onto one of her amazing classes, you won't regret it.

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you chicpr for the invite

Alexandra Elizabeth

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