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Happy Sunday all :)

This post is a little different than my others.
I was asked by the lovely Caitlin from Blogging through the mirror if I would be interested in guest blogging, I had never done anything like this so we chatted and decided instead of guest blogging we would send each other questions to answer, that way you as our readers would find out more about us and also we would find out about each other.

I love Caitlin's blog she has product reviews, guest blogging, DIY tips (which I love ) plus many more to get your teeth sunk into.
Most of her posts are on drugstore beauty which Is amazing as I love a good bargain too.

If you're not already following her blog then I suggest you do.
She can be found at :Blog , Twitter ,Bloglovin

The questions she asked me where :

Whats your full name?
My full name is Alexandra Elizabeth Gray

How old are you
I'm 23

Where are you from
From lovely liverpool

If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I really want to go to New York, I mean who wouldn't . It's amen amazing place and looks just perfect on movies 

How do you spend your weekends?
Usually I'm working , but this weekend I spent just seeing my family and having a pamper day. Usually I see my friends and it always involves a Sunday roast

What do you love about blogging?
The community, everyone is so lovely, it's a way for me to share to people my passion and love for all things beauty related. I love the support from everyone too.

What is one beauty brand you couldnt live without and why?
MAC.. I've never had a product that I don't like from this brand. From foundation to eye shadows to lipsticks to bronzer I love it all

What is one beauty product you couldnt live without and why?
My HD brows kit, a woman is nothing without her eyebrow

How long have you been blogging?
Only for one month but I absolutely love it 

Out of all your bloggers who would you reccomend we follow? 
Hollie wakeham. I've followed her from the beginning, she knows most about everything and her videos are always fun to watch.

Mascara or eyeshadow? which is more important to you
Mascara.. It can really set your face as finish off your look

Whats one tip you'd share with new bloggers out there?
To keep going. I know it's hard at times trying to think of new posts and Hopi people like your blog. But just keep going :)

Who is your beauty/fashion icon?
Kim Kardashian. I love her makeup and her fashion sence 

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? why?
Katie price. I don't know why but she just intregues me. I've read all of her books and I would love to spend a day with her

What do you find difficult about 'running a blog'?
The content. I worry it's not good enough or nobody is interested in what I've got to say

What is your guilty pleasure?
Rock music , there's just something that makes me happy inside.

are you confident or shy?
I come across very confident , but I'm actually quite shy, especially in a room with loads of people.

What is your dream job?
Something in my degree so a computer forensic or a singer.

Whats your favourite thing to eat?
Chinese food all day.. I can never get bored of Chinese food .. Yuuuum

If you could wear one beauty product for the rest of your life and nothing else what would it be?
Again eyebrows, they really frame my face :)  

so there it is :) 20 questions all about me.

If you want to see the questions that I asked Caitlin then head over to her blog now.

Thanks for reading 

Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. Great answers! I love Chinese food too.

  2. Oh don't start me on Chinese food. I'm obsessed

  3. Hey hun, you just tweeted me your blog link a second ago, I followed you with bloglovin as well as GFC to show you some support! love you blog btw I would love if you could stop by mine as well maybe you will like mine back :D
    hope you do :D have an awesome day!!

  4. Thanks that's so lovely of you :) I'm following you back aswell