Guest Post - How Beauty Bloggers are betrayed? Ft Catherine from Counter Pretty

Hi, I’m Catherine from Counter Pretty. Alexandra was lovely enough to let me do a guest post which is going to be a bit of a rant I’m afraid! But it’s something that we both agree on and I hope and think most of you agree with it as well!

Once I started blogging I know that I personally read a lot more blogs than I used to, especially other beauty ones. So I think this is something that’s close to the heart of the beauty blogging community.
A lot of people don’t understand why we do what we do, I’ve had a lot of comments that beauty blogging is shallow and vain and petty and I suppose on the surface I can see why people think that. But I don’t think they could be further from the truth.
I don’t blog about beauty because I only care about the way people see me or the way I look, I do it because it’s FUN. It’s fun to try out new products and test the results and to share it with others. It’s fun to share beauty tips and teach other people things they wouldn’t have known otherwise.
Obviously I’m not saying that make-up and beauty is nothing to do with how I feel about my appearance because that would be pretty ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean I like to make myself look nice for other people, I like to make myself look nice because it’s fun and I enjoy looking nice, it gives me confidence and I know that many other lovely ladies out there feel the same way. Caring about appearance doesn’t mean that you’re instantly shallow, I care about lots of other things more, dancers don’t only care about dancing, football players don’t only care about football (otherwise there wouldn’t be a Posh and Becks), equally beauty bloggers don’t only care about beauty.
I’m a newbie in the beauty blogging world but already I’ve met some absolutely lovely people, everyone I’ve chatted to has been supportive and helpful and sweet and there’s very few hobbies that has a community like this. As a model I’ve worked and seen a lot of the photography communities, and they’re nowhere near supportive, sly and mean comments can be made and people get protective over their own ideas, yelling copyright at everything. In blogging it’s encouraged to go and read everyone else’s blog and help each other out. Such a helpful community can’t be all that vain or petty right?
This rant is quickly on the road to a tangent, so cutting it short so that none of you fall asleep.

Basically the beauty blogging community gets judged way too fast. People think that we’re a bunch of fake high maintenance girls with inches of product on our faces. In reality, we’re just ordinary people who take pride in their looks sometimes, and we only have about a centimetre or so of product on our faces, just so you know.

What an amazing post don't you think? I believe that people think because we are beauty bloggers we must get loads of freebies and paid for our opinions when it just isn't the case at all, and that beauty is always on the inside you can blog about beauty all you like but you won't actually be beautiful unless your beautiful on the inside too.

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Thank you so much Catherine for guest posting for me 
Hope you enjoy reading this just as much as I did

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Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. This is really powerful. I used to get so much flack at school for what I did, even though I wrote under a pseudonym to avoid as much negativity as I could. Now, I've moved onto a different school, and while there are people who I know "in real life" who read the blog, they read it for the contact, not to make fun of me. Thanks for the super honest truth; it feels good that someone's put it out there.

  2. I'm still very new to the blogging world (3 months) and luckily haven't been met with any nasty comments or hostility at all. Even before I started blogging myself I read tons of beauty blogs but never thought they were vain or shallow. It's horrible that other think that way, if only they could see beyond the surface.