Champneys Skin Comforting Bath Milk

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You may or may not know but i do love a good old bath, nothing can bit a bit of Tub time.I love them way more than showers and every once in a while i like to have a pamper evening, one of my main steps is to tie up my hair and have a nice relaxing hot bubble bath. It just de-stresses me and I can sit there quite the thing for a good 30 minutes just floating away taking in all of the smells around me and letting my mind just be free.

Can be bought from boots -£8.00

My ultimate indulgence is the champneys range that you can pick up in boots, admittedly I've never purchased these products myself, they are always given to me at christmas or birthdays, so im never really ever running out.

Champneys is like giving yourself that spa treatment but at home, and of course a fraction of the price but then not cutting on the quality. I mean who doesnt like a spa day , but who can afford them as regularly as you need/want them?

After a long hard working week I like to come home and run myself the biggest bath, and recently I've been reaching for this to run under my tap and send me into the depths of relaxation.
all the bubbles

It doesnt foam up massively,but defiantly has some bubbles which i like but i can feel it just relaxing my mind, body and soul. I love the smell that this gives out, as soon as i swirl it into my bath the smell just takes over the whole of my upstairs but it isn't in anyway overpowering just relaxing. I then  spend a few minutes just laying with my eyes closed (usually with some sort of face mask on) taking in everything.
After my bath the scent just sits on the skin sending me into relaxation heaven, i love this before bed and its a lovely addition to my usual pamper time.

Have you tried any champneys products before?
Any bathing milks you would recommend?

Thanks for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. Never tried anything from Champneys but this sounds lovely!!


  2. I have this in my stash and never thought about using it until now! x