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Hey guys,

So I just had to update you on the event that i went to today. Yet again MAC have brought out another new line that is just amazing.
Its very much based on 60's glam and that extravagant eyeliner. It has a very pastel look, which I just adore.
Last week i went in and picked up a few pieces from the line because I love anything pastel and it just all looked so pretty.

I received an email from a lovely lady from the Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool asking me if I would like to come down and attend the event.
This included a explore of the new MAC is beauty line, a makeover and a manicure. All while i sipped some cocktails and ate some cute little cakes.
The first floor of Beauty Bazaar had been transformed into the ultimate MAC salon experience. Complete with hair demos and nail artists.
The d├ęcor was to die for, all pink everything with a whole load of big hair and rollers (Totally into both of these)
I learnt so much about not just the line but also many other Mac Products. It really gave me a chance to ask all the questions I had about products but also to try them out and see how i liked them.

Emma, the lady who had invited me told me that i would be in good hands and she wasn't wrong, i was first introduced to the miracle makeup artist Jemma who works in Liverpool's Beauty Bazaar MAC Counter, who then escorted me to the first floor and sat me down in this amazing chair... May i add that i NEED this chair in my life.. How cute is it please?


All ready to sit back and immerse myself in the world of MAC is beauty

How cute is my little cakes?
Jenna then sat me down and went though what sort of look i would like to try, she gave me a introduction to the MAC is beauty line and then proceeded to get to work on my face.
Can i just say she has such good makeup artistry skills and completely transformed my face. She knows everything about MAC and also about application too. I learnt a lot an its also made me really excited to experiment more with my makeup that i wear now.
If your ever in Liverpool defiantly pop into Beauty Bazaar and check out all the counters its a Beauty Bloggers heaven

I love the little fizzy drink cans are used for rollers in her hair.. very Gaga

I honestly felt like a star getting my nails and makeup done, it was nice to get them done for once because i always do my own, they have a little tabloid that was made for the line and its quite funny so if your near a MAC store then pop in and pick one up.
This was the finished look..
Products used :
Prolongwear Waterproof foundation in NW20
Studio Finish concealer in NW20
Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Dark
Alpha Girl blush
Global glow M.S.F
Delineated/ Spiked brow pencil (Amazing)
On the eyelid she used Ivy Fluidline and undercurrant
Lay in law paint pot / Unitempted on the crease
Smoulder Khol Pencil and Pearlglide pencil on my waterline
Lashes she first prepped them with Prep and Prime lash and then Haute and Naughty Too Black mascara
I absolutely love this look, its really out of my comfort zone especially as im usually such a Matte skin and neutral eye type of gal.
The green really makes my eye colour pop.

Jennas eyeliner application is on FLEEK, she just blended away telling me step by step of the products she was using and why she was using them. She showed me each brush that she was using and at the end asked me if i had any questions, but throughout the makeover i was picking her brain over applications and shades, i also got her to show me how to contour because i wanted to scrub up on my technique and she did :).. All in all i was in Jennas Capable hands for about 1hr and a half which was just brilliant. 
How perfect is the colour Frencb Chipped for summer?

Thanks very much for reading, and this event is on until sunday the 14th June so head on down and book your appointment.
Check out the MAC is beauty collection here

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  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun!! Your makeup looks great
    The Color Palette

  2. I love this look I'm a sucker for pretty pastels :)

    lillies and lipbalm