SlimFastChallenge - The Results

Hello and welcome back,

Some of you may or may not known that a couple of weeks ago i started the slimfast challenge. Since then ive been tweeting like crazy (If you don't follow me on twitter i can be found here ) I also done a blog post on my initial thoughts and why i was doing it.

So the challenge was 2 weeks of following their simple 3-2-1 diet plan. 3 Snacks , 2 Shakes and 1 600 kcal meal

I absolutely loved it, it was so easy for me because i got to fit 3 100 kcal snacks in an because it was included in the plan i didn't feel as bad eating the Slim fast Chocolates and crisps. Surprisingly i was always full too
I wasn't 100% keen on the premade to go shakes as i found i could taste the sweetener quite bad, but doing your own with the powder and the milk was delicious and i looked forward to it every time.
You can swap your shake to a meal bar and i found them even more tasty especially the Chocolate Peanut one.
In the morning i would either have my banana shake or a berry meal bar which was so yummy.
I would also pair that with a cup or tea or green tea.
My lunch i would have a shake, loads of water and then 2 of my snacks
Tea time would come around and id usually have stir fry and then one of my snacks for desert. I never felt hungry and because i was still having my chocolate and crisps i never felt deprived. If i was struggling for ideas the slim fast website has loads of recipes that you can cook up yourself.
Snacks never made me feel deprived

i wasn't too keen on the pre made shakes, but loved having a green tea with them

Look how thick the meal bars are, really filling and yummy
My favourite meal bar

Overall i was really impressed with the plan and how tasty all of the products where. I loved all of the snacks, the shakes and meal bars. To the point I've gone out and bought my own tub of powder and a whole load of snacks as they are just so so yummy.

After following the plan religiously i lost a whopping 6lb i couldn't believe it. I've been just having one shake a day now and eating for my other two meals and I've lost an average 2lb a week since then. Obviously my meals are all healthy and my snacks have been within my calorie limit.

I would recommend this to anybody who just wants a little boost towards their weight loss goals, and would recommend it for a few weeks as its not designed for a long period of time.

If your thinking of starting the plan like any diet then always consult your GP or Dietician. All details of the plan and advice can be found on the Slim Fast Website

thanks for reading


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  1. This sounds like quite a good diet. I've tried a lot of the slim fast snacks and i really enjoy them, especially those sour cream pretzels you've featured. I also tried the shakes and didn't like them either, think they just weren't for me.

    Courtney |