Weight Loss Wednesdays

Hey beauties,
Another installment of weight loss Wednesdays.

I've been struggling abit , last week all I done was eat eat eat, nothing filled me and all I wanted was chocolate.
It was a great week of just eating everything I wanted , but obviously I would gain weight. I didn't get weighed last week so I can't tell you how much I did put on.

This week however has been a different story all together, been really good this week so I'm quite looking forward to weigh in tomorrow.
I've really picked myself up with my fitness aswell. I've been going on runs and I've really really been liking it and can see the improvement week on week.

I've just booked a holiday with my fabulous boyfriend George , so I need to get in shape for that and if that doesn't motivate me then I don't know what will.

How have you all been doing?

Thanks for reading 
Alexandra Elizabeth 

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