Shine like a celeb diamond sparkle body cream

Hi all
I was lucky enough to be sent this sample of the shine like a celeb sparkle body cream*. 

shine like a celeb is a company based in the UK it's where glitz, glam and style comes together , they aim to provide the wow factor in developing trendy beauty and fashion items for any occasion. 

They say "Our sparkle body cream will make you feel glamorous as well as confident , with it's amazing shine to the skin and let's not forget it's breath taking fragrance and impressive jar it's a must try"

I've got to say the smell is just fabulous, I'm actually getting quite addicted to it if I'm honest. It's abit like baby powder. 
My sister had a little dab of it and keeps telling me how good it smells and keeps coming back for more.
Not only does it smell gorgeous it goes onto the skin perfectly. 
It feels really moisturising which isn't surprising at the body cream contains essential vitamins A,B,C and E . Vitamin A promotes fresh new skin and aids strengthening of protective tissue of the skin, the B vitamin helps the skin rejuvenate itself . C boosts the collagen in the skin and is a treatment against wrinkles and fine lies and vitamin E reduces the effects of stretch marks and a powerful antioxidant which protects the skin from UV light.

It really gives the skin a beautiful glow and luminosity which I love, and It feels really luxurious against the skin. 
It gives off just the right amout of sparkle on the skin and is not over the top at all. You don't look like you have just been playing in glitter. It's a sophisticated sheen on the skin and I just know it will fabulous to wear on a night out , in the summer and on holiday on the arms legs and collarsbones for that extra bit of glam.

Here it is on the back of my hand . This picture doesn't do it any justice. 

This product retails for £38 , which I think is quite a high price point for a moisturiser, but with all the vitamins in it, the smell and how it makes you feel and glow you can see why it's so highly priced. 
The full size jar is just a dressing table must have. It's beautiful and really makes a statement and looks high end.

I for one can't wait until the summer to try this out.

My only downfall is that the fragrance doesn't stay on the skin for a long time and I'm still unsure if it's a good or bad thing.

Shine like a celeb also have an exclusive fashion range being developed in association with the London Hub Fashion.
You can buy this from 

Have you tried this before?

Thanks for reading
Alexandra Elizabeth

*this is a pr sample and was sent to me . All reviews are 100% honest

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