Smashbox full exposure palette

Hello my lovely readers,

So today I treated myself to this beauty, as I was buying this I was thinking "I've got all te naked pallets do I really need another palette of neutrals" 

I decided I did and bought it, and I am so glad I did.

How beautiful is it, you get 7 Matt shades and 7 shimmer shades which is just perfect as this is something that I really think the naked palette is missing as it doesn't give you enough option.
You also get this cute little mini smash box full exposure mascara which I'm not overly keen on. 
But also this eye guide which shows you what is the right shadow application for your eye type , who knew hey.

I love that is also comes with a double ended brush, one for matte
And one for shimmer 

Swatches of shimmer shadows with the flash on and below in natural light.

And the Matte shades 

Overall I wasn't as impressed with the pigmentation as I am with the urban decay palettes, but the texture is amazing and so so creamy.

The fall out on the shimmer shades is quite a lot, so make sure to do your eye makeup first.
I was impressed at how shimmery they where on closer inspection.

Worth a purchase to add to your collection and the brush you get makes the application flawless.

You can buy this from boots for £36 

Do you have this palette?
What do you think?

Thanks for reading 

Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. Aw damn I am not a huge fan of super glittery/shimmery shades. I get lots of fall out with the UD palette already even with eye primer.
    It looks so nice but I think I'll pass.
    Great review though :)

    1. I know what you mean, the matte shades are lovely though and I am a fan of shimmer shades , I need to do more looks

  2. Great post! I love that the shimmers are all at the top & mattes at the bottom it looks like such a joy to use haha! Also that you get a lil guide that's a really nice idea I think! x

    1. it is really good, i love the looks i can create

  3. Great post looks good! Never tried sleek makeup before.


    1. hey sophie, this is smash box not sleek. the only thing I've tried from sleek is the contour palette that they have out and the rose gold blush

  4. I've never tried anything from Smashbox and I'm a sucker for nude palettes.. may have to give this a try!
    Sophie Clare x

    1. i know this was my first smashbox purchase , worth every penny.

  5. I haven't tried Smashbox before either, but it looks good! Great review :)

    Frankie x
    Curiouser and Curiouser

    1. thank you frankie, im so glad you like this post , it is a fabulous product