15 colour Contour Kit

Who doesn't want that contoured kim kardashian effect? 
I mean contouring is litterally everybody's best friend to acheive the flawless face.
Whether you want to slim down your nose, chisel those cheekbones, make your face a lot smaller or get rid of them horrid double chins, contouring is a makeup artists / obsessed best friend.

I usually conour with powders and contour brushes and just wanted to try something else.

I've been wanting a good contour kit for a while and have been looking at the crown brush contour palette and Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette for a little while and was waiting until payday to invest in one of these.

That was until I seen this beauty on amazon.

I have never used any creams to contour with and decided that this would be a great palette to practice with and once I had got the hang of it I would invest in a better palette.

This palette comes in 15 shades 1 is a highlighter and 2 are colour correcters which really impressed me. 
This palette can really suit anybody, and did I mention that it is only £2.99 ..BARGAIN! 

The texture is a little waxy. and it smells a little waxy to but they do not budge off the skin even with my oily complexion and they blend beautiful into the skin so you can have your desired contour effect.
They also can be used as a concealer but I'm extreamly weary of putting lt over any blemishes so I stick to my current concealer.

This doesn't crease under the eyes each tee which I was surprised about and they are highly pigmented.

The highlight shade is just beautiful. Really shimmery and just looks fabulous on the high parts of your face.

The pigmentation also means you can get a really good contour to your face.

I apply this with my beauty blender, and blend it all out.
Also try with a mac 163 brush 
A illamasqua blush up brush 
Or the nars ITA brush.
I know the mac and nars brush is hard to get in the uk but they are amazing brushes. 
Or just use a concealer brush to place the contour where you want and then just blend as best as you can.

Also girls don't forget to set this all as it is all creams.
I always use my rimmel stay matte powder I'm still yet to find a powder as good as this, but please comment your favouite powders below :) 

I usually use a angled brush for contouring but it doesn't work well with cream concealers

I think though if you can't contour then don't.
I hate when girls haven't mastered the art of contouring you can spot it a mile away. 
Get your practice in before you leave your house girls, and never forget to blend.
Also always use a good Contour brush, just makes it less work for you.

For the price of the palette you can't really moan. 
Overall it is a good palette and you can really create a good conour with this and because of it's staying power you can use it on a night out.
Only other tip is to always prime and moisturise your skin before using this product.
It's good to get your practice in and experiment on your face to see what works for you.
I still think I'm going to be buying the Anastasia kit though. I just can't not have it in my collection. 

Thanks for reading 
Let me know what you think
Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. £2.99!!! I'll be having one of those!!xx

  2. You can't complain at all for what you get for that great price, some of the colours look lovely.
    Nice post on it ..thanks

  3. I have tagged you in my procrastinating beauty blogger tag! Have a look at the post on my blog http://missemmacharlotte.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/procrastinating-beauty-blogger-tag.html