My goals for 2016

Hey there my lovelies,

Just a quick one with my goals for 2016.

Im not one for making resolutions and just take every day as it comes. This year though.. well the past few months I've been thinking about ways i can make my life and myself a little more positive.

So for 2016 I've decided a few changes need to be made and i need to start focusing on my life and where it is going abit more.

  1. Be More Positive....
  2. Learn to drive
  3. Get back to my lowest weight.. loose about 3-4 stone
  4. live life to the fullest and take chances
  5. travel more, don't want to over stretch myself with this but need to see more places
  6. workout 2-3 times a week.. get back into yoga
  7. don't care what others think
  8. drink 2L of water a day
  9. post more on my blog, change from so much beauty to some fitness posts too. Healthy food, workouts etc..
  10. Learn to love me :)

Only a few but the first one is the one i aim for the most as i think if im more positive then i think all the other points will naturally come.

We are all guilty of sticking to what we know and not branching out. Lets change this and be more proactive in 2016

If you have a post on your resolutions and goals then please post below. OR just leave a comment with yours as i would love to know them :)
Also any tips for positivity then please comment below im open to all ideas. It can even be books, apps, meditation.. anything..

thanks for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth

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1 comment:

  1. Great goals! Im sure you can do them:) 💞