My Christmas Bucket List

 Hello my lovelies
Long time no see, I've been just abit all over the place recently, and now i have a spare minute to myself i thought i would get in the festive spirit and share with you guys my bucket list for all the things i want to do over the festive period.
Im all about friends, family, cosy jumpers, mulled wine, loads of warm cosy layers and amazing memories

I AM SO EXCITED for Christmas this year, mainly because i have boxing day off work too which hasn't happened in nearly 7 years :) i cant wait to just stay in and watch Christmas movies, programs that i have missed from the day before and eat some left overs. One thing i WONT be doing is heading into the city centre to shop.. seriously it should be all about family, relaxing, chocolate and some leftover turkey, in fact you may even spend boxing day a little hungover. No need to spend this day fighting the crowds in stores for a bargain. Do it from the comfort of your own home on the internet in some big fluffy Christmas PJ's.
I love this type of post, i like to see what others are doing and also get some inspiration of some of the things i could be doing myself. So if you have done this post then please link it below. I might even have to edit this over and over after seeing other things that i might want to do :)
In no particular order
Go to a Christmas Market, myself and my boyfriend have all ready made plans to head over to Manchester for their markets. We went last year and it is just so Christmassy. Really gets you even more excited for Christmas, Although this year instead of eating from one of the stalls we are going to book into Tattu and eat there. The menu looks so yummy. Obviously mulled wine is involved here :)
Have a festive night out with the girls , a yearly must for myself and friends, We have a meal and drinks and have a lovely catch up.
Christmas Jumper - Again with my friends we meet up all wearing something festive, usually a jumper and some Christmas earrings.. the tackier the better. Sit with a lovely hot chocolate looking at all the Christmas lights outside.
Go to a Christmas carol concert, oh I've actually never done this and i think it would be so much fun to do. Might even belt out a Christmas carol or two myself.
 Make a gingerbread house - This is something that i would love to do with both my family and boyfriend. Again dressed super festive.
Decorate the tree/house -  Pretty self explanatory i do this with my boyfriend, my mum and sister in our house and in my grandparents house too.. with a lot of Christmas songs playing....
Listen to every Christmas song possible  - Magic is my channel of choice for any Christmas songs.. my fave is all i want for Christmas
 Watch Harry Potter- I don't know what it is but watching Harry Potter just gets me in the festive spirit so much. In fact myself and my other half have started watching this.. Oh i wish Hogwarts was real, and i think id be sorted into hufflepuff too
Watch Christmas movies-  Again another must with both family and my other half
Go Ice Skating-  My hometown of Liverpool has a ice rink every year so no doubt ile be dragging someone with me to go round that. Hopefully i can leave the sides haha
If we had snow in Liverpool.. well enough snow to be able to play with it and create snowmen then the possibilities would be endless.
Id love to go to Iceland too and see the northern lights in the future and go to the Harry Potter studios and see the great hall at Christmas
Well that's it from me ..
Thanks for reading and let me know if you liked this post and if you have done anything like this then don't forget to leave your links below
Alexandra Elizabeth

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