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Well hello there my little loves,
January is nearly over and we are well into the new year, but i wanted to share with you something that ive been using to keep myself motivated and stop me from snacking on my usual very unhealthy snacks.
We all do it, Start our diets on Monday, eat super healthy throughout the day and then when we get home from work/college/uni we just sit in front of our TV eating all sorts of crisps and chocolates. (no... just me then)
So it was nice to be able to find something that when i had those urges i could just pop into the kitchen and make a healthier choice that what i would usually have picked
Healthy Nibbles reached out for me to test their healthy snack box, all of which are vegan friendly. Im not a vegan so i don't know the ins and outs etc.. but it always makes me feel better when I use beauty products that i know haven't been tested on animals and eat food that are also kind to them too. Boxes can be customised too for gluten free, vegan , paleo, low gi and just general well being,.
 That's what i love about these boxes is that you don't have to be vegan, following a paleo diet or gluten free to enjoy there contents and believe you me they are super tasty.
"Healthy Nibbles is a new concept in vending; we're dedicated to health and wellness, supplying fully serviced and maintained SMARTvending machines stocked only with healthy nutritionally certified, sustainable products containing no nasties - delivering SMARTeating.
Winner of 'Best Newcomer 2015' - The Vendies"
They offer vending machines stacked with really good foods, corporiate boxes and also healthy snack boxes
I love the idea of this, and i wish more companies used brands like healthy nibbles in the workplace. Imagine going to a vending machine knowing that whatever you selected was going to be good for you. AMAZING.
The snack boxes are another amazing concept and that's what i was sent, right to my door. They are also in the middle of working on kids boxes too which i think is so good getting the little ones involved.
Anyway here is what i received and what i thought about each snack.

Beautifully presented in a cardboard box , carefully wrapped in tissue with a little note in giving me an idea what was inside.
I received 6 healthy snacks in my box, i took a few of them to work with me so that when everyone was having lunch i was able to pick up one of these delicious snacks and i wouldn't feel left out or craving that bar of dairy milk.

I received this lovely clipper tea in lemon and ginger, I've got a cold at the moment so im drinking this right now as i type and its delicious the lemon and ginger are not overpowering one bit which is nice.

This blissful berry bar was delicious really berry flavoured. I had this for breakfast and would defiantly purchase more of these.
Usually im not crazy on chocolate and peanuts mixed together, but this pack of chocolate coated almonds changed my view on this completely, again super tasty.. Well done planet organic.
These smoothie bites where really weird. At first i couldn't quite make it out what they where, they're like little squares that when you put them into your mouth they taste exactly like a smoothie that you have blitzed up in your processor. Again really nice and stopped me from heading into my kitchen for some late night unhealthy snacks.

Munchy seeds.. I love seeds but don't eat them often enough . This had a mixture of sunflower, pumpkin, hulled hemp, sesame , rapeseeds, and soya seeds . Tasty and filling

This was my favourite item in the box, its dark chocolate so if your not keen on that then you wont like this, with an orange flavour but in the little pieces of chocolate is little bits of raspberry. It is quite a strong dark chocolate but that never stopped me one bit from eating it in one go hahaha SOO tasty
I absolutely loved my box and im so glad the lovely people over at Healthy Nibbles send me this over. I love the fact that i have been able to try a whole host of new brands, and also put myself to the test to see if these guys would curb my late night cravings. Which im glad to say they did. Im a lot more mindful now of what food im shovelling in to my body . Especially when there are so many other great healthy options like this.
Healthy Nibbles have a fantastic offer on at the moment with giving you your first box half price using the code 'first box' this makes the boxes as little as £4.48 .... WHAT A BARGAIN
Click here to find out more about healthy nibbles and what they offer and also to order yourself a box.
thanks for reading.. im now hungry writing this post so im going to have to make myself a healthy lunch and maybe catch up on PLL
Let me know if you order and what you received and thought :)
Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. These look lovely! I used to get something called Graze boxes which are kind of similar but these look better! :)

    F x