Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit - Gleam USA HAUL

Hey there lovelies,

A fabulous friend from work recently went to NYC, on her travels she picked me up some beauty bits that we cant get here in the UK. We both LOVE makeup so i knew she would pick me up some goodies that ive been lusting after.

One of the things she got for me is .. well you guessed it the ABH Glow Kit in the shade Gleam. Ive only ever tried the ABH Dipbrow pomade (her recommendation too), but i had seen so many posts from US bloggers and instagram featuring the ABH Highlighters and they just looked so perfect, and defiantly on the WANT list.

Im abit of a Highlighter Junkie, and it has been known that i can go abit OTT and end up looking like a discoball.. but that doesn't bother me one bit. The more the better in my opinion haha.

Anyway, as soon as she came back she gave me this (amongst other things) and i squeeled in delight. I immediately swatched them and i knew then that i was in love and that nothing in my current makeup stash could compare.

She picked the shade gleam for me because im very fair in skin tones and pale isn't even the word. The lady at macys said that for pale skin this was the best shade to go for. She was right, it suits my skintone perfectly.

The packaging is just beautiful, the product comes with a sleave over and then you take that off and the product is underneath. its so shimmery , but not that horrible grainy shimmer you can get on packaging. it really does have the GLOW.

You get 4 shades in the Glow kit
In this particular kit you get Hard Candy which is a brown/pink shade with flecks of gold, it looks great if you have a tan or just want to use it as a blusher. Think Nars Orgasm just a few shades darker.
Next is Mimosa, a bronze highlight shade that is perfect for that golden goddess look.
Starburst-  A light pink champagne colour that like all colours catches the light perfectly.
Lastly is Crushed Pearl, in my opinion i don't think they could have picked a more suited name.
Its a true champagne colour that looks amazing on the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone too.

I like to mix starburst and crushed pearl on my sigma highlighting brush and just go to town on my face :)
They are just a dream to blend over the skin and stay all day. which is perfect and nice that i don't have to keep re - applying for my desired affect.
They give you the most amazing lit from within look and not one bit chunky or chalky. Especially for days when you need that inner goddess to come out.

Although I love a strong highlight, they can be so natural too for days maybe i don't fancy going all out.

If and when these come to the uk or if you can source them from the US then buy buy buy. I feel fabby when this is on my face and fully confident that my highlight is on fleek.
A good thing to note is that  the pan is refillable if you need to stock up or remove to another palette you can easily do that.

Well i give these highlighters a 10/10.. amazing

Let me know if you have these and what you thought.
Also let me know your fave highlighers  :)

thanks for reading
Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous - I'm so jealous! It's such a versatile highlighter palette.

    Sammy xo.

  2. Oh they look so lovely!

    Clare x