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Bit of a different post today but something I am extremely excited about..

When slim fast tweeted about the opportunity for bloggers to join the challenge I had to sign up,
Im in a constant struggle with my weight, My weight has really been getting me down for quite a while now, I lost 4 stone and was so happy.. I thought that because I was at my lowest weight and felt so happy I could let my old eating habits creep back in which has resulted in me gaining 3 1/2 stone of the 4 that I lost. This really gets to me and makes me so sad, Its one of those where no matter what you wear you feel disgusting in it. I started back on a healthy eating plan about a month ago and have lost 7lbs up to now but the clothes still have abit of a tight waistband.

I have a holiday booked for July with my other half and a whole load of friends and family (55 to be exact) Every year we book it and every year I promise to be a size 12 or at my goal weight of 9stone (totally unrealistic) Every year I pull out last years clothes and realise that none of them fit and have to go and buy a whole new summer wardrobe.
It seriously has to stop. So yeah... I signed up in hope that it will give me the kick start and weight loss that I want. I think once I see that I can do it then even after the 2 week challenge I wont give up.
The plan seems really easy to follow and requires hardly any effort from myself just a little old bit of willpower (Which ive seriously got right now)

Today I received a HUGE Parcel from Slimfast full of goodies for a challenge that they have set up. Its a two week challenge where you follow a really simple 3-2-1 plan. So that's 3 100 kcal Snacks, 2 meal replacement shakes and 1 meal that's of 600 Kcals (800 for men).
Slim fast have sent me everything that I could ever want to kick start this weight loss plan. I came home to a package with a tub of powder to add with milk for a delicious shake, a few on the go shakes, quite a lot of meal replacement bars which I think will be handy for in the morning when im dashing out the door for work or on the go, and a whole load of their own savoury and sweet 100kcal snacks.

Some of the flavours I received in the shakes that im quite excited to try are:
Summer Strawberry

The meal replacement bars sound delicious too with the choice of Summer Berry, Chocolate Crunch and Chocolate Peanut. Like i said before these may be so handy for my breakfast and lunch, plus they are handy for in your bag too if you are out and about and you don't want to pull out a bottle of slim fast shake from your bag, you can be discrete about your weight loss too :)

So as well as having two meal replacements a day you can also have 3 100kcal snacks as I said before, they have sent me a selection of chocolate bars that sound so yummy.. Chocolate delight, Chocolate nutty nougat to name a few or you could pick from a load of savoury options such as Cheddar Flavour bites, BBQ flavour tortillas and sour cream and chives pretzels.
Im thinking of having my 600kcal meal for my tea, and if you sign up on the website there is a whole load of delicious recipes

I think im going to be using these snacks mid morning or as a sort of after tea desert  
Im sitting here at the moment so excited to start . (A Thursday , oooooh im breaking all the diet rules here hahah). I cant wait to see the results and i will be updating you guys at the end with my results and let you know how all the bars, shakes and snacks tasted, then if your like me stuck in a rut or for whatever reason want to loose weight then you can see my results and go out and get your own products and do the plan too. I wonder how hungry im going to be and if i will be temped to eat more but im going to stop myself from doing that and see the plan out fully and properly.

If you want to follow my Slim Fast Challenge journey then you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram , and if you want to see how others are getting on then just follow the hashtag #SlimFastChallenge Ive loved checking everyones posts and seeing a little community come together.

Right Im off and hopefully on my next slim fast challenge update you will see a little less of me ;) (Get it )

Thanks for reading .. Wish me good luck

Alexandra Elizabeth

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