My favourite SPF - La Roche - Posay Anthelios xl SPF 50+ ultra lightfluid

I don't know about you guys but SPF is something that ive recently been concentraiting on and making sure that i add it to my skincare routine.

Since going for a facial in Beauty Bazaar where they took pictures of the deep layers of my skin that showed me the sun damage that I have. It has really made me think twice about leaving the house without any SPF on.

The pictures showed me the damage that i already have and how over the years if i didn't start using SPF how my skin would look.
This honestly shocked me because im not a sun worshiper and never sit out in the sun and always thought that the SPF 15 in my Day Cream and Makeup was enough.. I was wrong.

Although the damage isn't that severe its defiantly something that i want to change. The woman who done my facial told me that working in a place with strong lighting (A Store, Office based jobs ) can really damage my skin too and that is why even though im not in the sun a lot but i am exposed to lighting that i need to add a stronger SPF into my skincare.
So i will be using this all year round.. Remember an SPF is not just for summer and sunny days

After tweeting about it and doing my research i picked up the La Roche - Posay Anthelios xl SPF 50+ ultra light fluid. I decided on this one mainly because i knew i wanted an SPF 50 but also the ' ultra light ' part drew me in. I knew i never wanted a thick and sticky sun lotion on my face.

You just give this a shake and apply a blob to your cleansed hands and rub all over where you want covered. I usually do my face, neck and chest being careful to not miss any areas out.

I love how lightweight it is and it kind of acts as a primer for my makeup. I am oily and even though i never picked the matte formulation this doesn't make my skin shiny and my makeup doesn't slip underneath it. I try and wait 10mins before I apply makeup too. It absorbs quickly and doesn't have that sun lotion texture or white cast that you can get with a sun lotion. Especially with it being factor 50 i was worried that it would be like paint.
Im so glad that i purchased this and i will be having a look at others from this range and im so glad that SPF is now a step in my skincare that i never will miss out.

Im going on holiday at the end of the month (eeeek..) so this will defiantly be in my holiday skincare stash.
This also comes in a BB cream which i think is amazing and might have to pick that one up too especially for lazy beach days for that little bit of coverage and protection. Infact there is a whole load of products in this range, from fake tan, to baby SPF, spray, lotion, oil, after sun, A matte anti shine formulation, a compact and even a stick. The choice is endless and you should find something to fit your needs.

To read more about this product and more in the range click here
I bought mine from Boots for £17 but after looking for this blog post it is currently down to £12.75 absolute bargain and im sure if you look on essentual and other beauty websites they always have a French pharmacy discount going around so might be worth to compare.

Thanks again for visiting and reading

Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. need to get my hands on this, such a strong SPF!

    Alice // Sheer Beautiful // Bloglovin' x

  2. This sounds brilliant, I need to give it a try!

    lillies and lipbalm