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Happy Monday People,
Its been a while since I last posted and I've got to say i have really missed it. If you don't know I've been away for 2 weeks in Portugal, I stayed in the Algarve and spent most days enjoying the sun, eating all before me and drinking every night.
It was an amazing holiday and I can honestly say my skin has seen better days, what with the alcohol, greasy food and also my lack of makeup removal.
I did pack skincare minis but when i was swanning home at stupid o'clock , makeup removal was the furthest from my mind. I quite often opted for face wipes ( i know, please don't hate me hahah) which is just not a good enough cleanse.
As soon as i landed on British soil i couldn't wait to give my skin some TLC and take it back to how it was before my holiday.
I had a series of skin issues which needed tackling so instead of loading my skin with loads of products one after the other which i was sure would give me breakouts, I decided to do it all in one step.
My Skin was super dry , congested and clogged and could do with abit of brightening and exfoliating.
This Multi masking is making a debut and it makes so much sense to treat the different areas of your face with the mask that is going to match its needs. 

I realise that this would have been more of a dramatic picture if i was to use different coloured masks, but this is my drugstore masks and they unfortunately look all the same so you will have to take my word for this :)
My masks of choice :
My dry areas (Cheeks) - Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask £2.59 an absolute bargain and works really really well at restoring your skins hydration and giving it that plumping, youthful effect.
For my congested and blemished areas ( Chin and forehead) I used my absolute favourite acne busting face mask Quick Fix Facials Anti Blemish Mud mask, This works wonders and i sometimes use it just on my spots and have been known to sleep with it on (Wake up and spots are gone).Seriously this stuff is amazing and only £4.99.
To Exfoliate and draw out the blackheads on my nose surrounding areas i used the Soap and Glory no clogs allowed mask. This stuff leaves my face feeling super refreshed and polished. It really helps with those pesky blackheads that often appear on my nose. This has little beads in it and it also turns blue. As you work this onto the skin it heats up and really gets down into them grubby pores. It totally detoxifies and helps with oil control too. I often use this just to exfoliate my skin and leave it with a healthy glow. Pricier than the other two at £11.50 but totally worth it.

I sit and wait for these masks to work their magic and it has made such a difference to my skin treating the different areas of my face with their different needs. It makes total sense right? Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.
Thankfully my skin has now recovered and back to its glowing self, could do with a few more overnight hydrating masks but its getting there.

Do you Multi mask?
Whats your thoughts?
What face masks shall i buy and add in to my routine?

Thanks for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth


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