Workout Wednesdays - My Nike winter workout wishlist

What a tongue twister this blog title is.

I have been wanting to include some fitness posts into my blog for some time now.

I'm very up and down when it comes to working out, about a year ago I was working out 5 times a week, running 4 times a week and really following my slimming world diet.. Then I became full time in my job and I know its no excuse but I just sort of gave up. I found that I was "too busy" to eat healthily and exercise so I never :(
This has made me gain weight and also become unhappy.

I knew i had to change something and give my body some tlc.

I've now realised that I have no excuses and that I can fit working out in my everyday lifestyle.
Admittedly its not in a gym but that doesn't bother me at all. Home workouts are where im at right now and boy i am enjoying it.

Exercise makes me feel so good, i feel like instead of moaning about my body im doing something about it. I love to see my body change and tone, its a sense of achievement.

I love to run (again im not very good but i still love it) I enjoy how it makes me feel. Sometimes running is the only time i get to myself and its the only thing that clears my head. I always used to run with music, but now not so much. I LOVE running with people and this is something im getting more and more into.

Now the colder months are coming in, ive decided i need to purchase some warmer clothes to get me off on the right foot, and also that will last me right thought and maybe into next winter.

I live in Britain and i find that its always cold so spending a small fortune on products will be worth it if i think about the cost per wear ( right? right? tell me im right ? I am convincing myself that its okay to spend )

I love buying workout clothes especially Nike ones , they just fit so well, flatter my shape and always last for as long as I need them too.
Im always so comfortable and confident in every piece that I buy, and that just makes me workout even harder.

So while i save up here is a little workout wish list that I am saving for:

Nike Pink Water Bottle £10

Reflective Running Tights (amazing) £90

Training Kit £25

Dry Fit Tail Wind Running Gloves £17

Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 Running Shoe £100

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Aura Fitted Full length Legging £55

Vapor Reflective Running Jacket £120

elite lightweight no show running socks £10

Dry Fit Knit Infinity Cover up £65

Nike Sports Watch GPS £149

Studio Wrap (For yoga times) £130

Dry Fit Knit Half Zip £80

Pro Rival Sports Bra £40

Pro Hyperwarm Leggings

Okay I got a little carried away but for now this is what I want , I just know this would be a great investment

What do you want to buy for your workout ?

If you liked this post let me know in the comments and I can do another one soon :)

Thanks for reading
Alexandra Elizabeth

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