Sanctuary Spa - Deep Cleansing Facial- 5 minute thermal detox mask

Hello my loves,

What a long title ay ?

Well I absolutely love a good face mask. I'm constantly on the lookout for new ones and anything that has the word "Detox", "oily" and "Clay"  will forever catch my eye.

I've bought a few face masks over the past few months and have been trying this one out for a little while.

Every blogger and there dog has this face mask and to me that was the proof in the pudding. I was sick of everyone raving on this product and I hadn't tried it, I knew I had to give in and buy this beauty.

My mum is a lover of anything from sanctuary spa and every Christmas and birthday my sister and I will treat her to a big box of goodies that she can divulge in.
Although she has been using this brand for years, it isn't  a brand that I have ever been interested in.. until I discovered the world of beauty blogging (about 3 years ago).
Now I am finally writing a blog of my own I knew I had to see what the hype was all about

I was interested but this is the first purchase that I have bought for myself from this range.

We all know that I have oily skin, and suffer quite bad with spots especially around the chin area, although admittedly I have had quite good skin recently and have been able to wear a bb cream (who would have thought it), also over the last couple of weeks my skin has become quite dry and is always feeling like it is needing some moisture.
When I purchased this mask though it was when I was super oily and needed to give my skin some TLC.

My skin even now still feels congested and this mask is just perfect to give it that little pick me up that It needs.

"When oily skin gets congested it looks dull & is prone to blemishes & breakouts.
This self-heating mask uses warmth to help open up pores so charcoal & kaolin clay can help draw out the impurities from deep within the skin. Containing essential oil of myrrh to soothe & calm, the mask helps to rebalance oil levels to leave skin purified, cleansed & silky-soft."

I absolutely love how this makes my skin feel and I often use this for a little pick me up, especially after a night out (hence the need for the detox) I always feel that it just draws out any little nasty's that might be lurking under the skin.

I cleanse my face as I normally would leaving it damp and then head on in with this all over my face. What I love about this mask is that you can place it only on the congested areas if you like, such as the chin area, forehead and nose, and then leave out the dryer areas and place a more moisturising mask on,

As your applying it the mask really heats up allowing all your pores to open up and draw out all the bacteria and anything else that might be lurking.
I then leave it on  for 5 Min's and go and relax as it cools, after the 5 minutes are up I wash away with a warm muslin cloth and then carry on with my skincare.
Face masks usually are only used in my night time routine as they really help me unwind and feel a little pampered before bed.

My skin always feels a lot less congested, more radiant and super squeaky clean. It feels as if anything that the cleanser may have left it has completely removed from my skin.

This is a must for me, I love the way it heats up, the way that It just calms and refreshes my skin but also just how it makes me feel.

You can buy this from boots and also the Sanctuary Spa Website for £10.50

Thank you for reading

Is there anything that you would recommend that I buy from sanctuary spa?

Alexandra Elizabeth

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  1. I'm the exact same as you, I have oily skin and am prone to spots on my cheeks & I love clay masks! I'm yet to try this but it sounds amazing, definitely one to put on the wishlist.

    Catherine xx

  2. Yay - finally managed to get onto your blog!!! :) This mask sounds really, really lovely - I love that its a warming mask too, there's something about warming masks that makes them feel like they're working even more!

    Was lovely chatting to you on twitter - hope we can stay in touch! :)

    Layla xx