My Pre Run Breakfast

Good morning ,

I have recently started training for a few of the races that I have planned this year. 
I'm not usually much of a runner and at my peak I was able to run a 5k no problem but very slow..

This year however I've decided to change that and really get back into looking after my body.
The thing I enjoy about running is how good you feel after it. 
It's the only time I get to clear my head and I don't mind running with others.

This morning I am heading out with one of the guys from a run club that I go to.We live local to one another and thought we could train together.

So before I head off I thought I would update you with what I was putting in my belly to fuel my run.

A nice bowl of oats , topped with some almond milk. This is so good for you and I'm not that fussed on cows milk anymore.
Honestly it tastes amazing. 
Then to finish a little blob of honey for sweetness. I have such a sweet tooth.

I am currently doing a 14 day teatox so I'm having a cup of their morning tea (delicious) and a banana.

I have two 10km races and a half marathon planned ..So I best get going ....

If you like posts like this please let me know in  the comments. 
Also if you have posted any of your favourite healthy meals link them below

Thanks for reading

Alexandra Elizabeth 

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  1. Good luck with your races hun, I love almond milk. Although my favourite is almond breeze brand x

    1. Yeah almond breeze is so delicious too, thank you so much, and thanks for checking out my page

  2. I have a half marathon planned too! I tend to run after work though, I need my sleep ahah :) good luck with your training!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. im far to tired after work, well done :)
      good luck with yours too lovely

  3. Great brekkie idea! I am struggling to drink my teatox tea, which brand are you using? x

    Bebhinn + A Judge Less Life

    1. im using strip teas and if you use the code ALEXANDRABEATUY10 you get 10% off