Fake Bake - 5 Minute Mousse

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I don't know about you but every Friday is fake tan Friday, i just love getting my faux glow on. It gets me ready for the weekend , even if I'm just lazing about at home, Or if a last minute night out occurs i know I'm one step closer to just feeling super glam.

Even though it is winter, doesn't mean that i want to loose that summer glow but it also means that i want to get into my comfy pjs and bed quickly and warm up. Aint no body got time to be applying fake tan, waiting for it to dry and then for it to develop. If your anything like me, i like to see results as quickly as possible.

Its part of my pampering routine and something that i have been doing for many years. Although not always successful and sometimes its been known to be streaky and orange. I've tried many a fake tan brand so i like to think that I've got quite a bit of knowledge on the stuff.

False tan just makes me feel so much more confident. I am super pale , not that there is anything wrong with that, but I'm just all about the fake tan look. My grandmother is a red head and i have just inherited all of the fair features. Don't get me wrong i love it but  I'm just a fake tan addict.

I am 100% against sun beds, I'm just not okay with all the damage that it causes to the skin, and why would i pay for that? The fact that i just don't tan anyway makes it it a definite no no. STAY AWAY 

Not only do i like to fake tan at home, but i also like to get professional spray tans at the salon.

Ive had a fair few fake bake spray tans which i absolutely loved , its just so long lasting and doesn't wear off all patchy. Its an amazing colour without that tinge of tangerine. 

When the lovely lady at fake bake contacted me to try out their new 5 minute mousse i was glad to accept.

I am so so so in love with this. honestly this stuff is amazing, it comes with instructions, black gloves and it dispenses as a mousse.

It gives a guide colour so you always know where your applying it (be gone streaky legs) and gives such a great colour.
My favourite part is that it literally dries in 5 mins to a nice all over glow that develops over time.So you can quickly get changed without having to wait for that sticky feeling to go, because of this you do have to work quickly as it dries so fast.
I applied mine in the evening after moisturising the dry areas and using the gloves provided,and woke up to a really natural non streaky tan, I've been using it for a good few months now and I'm in love. its just so quick and easy and really does leave such a natural colour on the skin. Its fuss free and I'm guaranteed a great result time after time.It doesn't cling to any dry patches on my body and doesn't break me out when i apply to my face.
I have used this as a quick on the go tan, for a last minute night out. Being able to apply this, get ready and out the door fast is just a god send.

My sister is a beginner in tanning and she has been using it too, she absolutely loves it, it really is great for beginners like her too, especially with the guide colour and the fact that its not a majorly overpowering colour.
Its just so natural , even for us fair skinned ladies.

Check this out at fakebake.co.uk £19.99 

all of my opinions are honest and has not been affected in anyway by this being sent to me

Have you tried fake bake? 
What false tan would you recommend ?
Do you have a fake tan ritual?

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